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Okay so things are still good, had have a few anxiety attacks. Saw my pdoc yesterday and instead of switching from Remeron to Cymbalta or Effexor right now he wants to just take 2 weeks off and see how things go with all the changes in homelife and the destress of it all. I was freaking out, what? No extra anti depressant are you freakin nuts?

The whole time he just sat there and calmly wrote in his waayyy too thick file. (you know, one of these days I want to read that file...) Anyways he said, you look good, you sound happier than 2 weeks ago, your sleeping better, etc. I said, yeah but what about the, "

what the hell have I done, I can't do this" moments??? He handed me a script for more klonopine said that's normal, you'll be fine. Then I said, what if the depression starts, cuz I am solely responsible for my 10 yr old son....and when my depression starts it can go from, crying jags, staying in bed all day, not eating or seeing anyone to suicide attemps in a matter of a week. So we put a plan in place and once again made sure I have all his correct home and cell numbers and so here I am. Only on Lamicta, Topomax, and Zoloft....and just a little bit scared, but I keep tellin myself it'll be okay, i'm not gonna be sad...things are great and I'm happier than I've been in a very long time.

So guys if you will, just send some good thoughts my way that I don't start down that dark path anytime soon and I do okay on my good ole current meds.

Good thoughts to all, and I hope everyone is as stable and calm as we can be!!

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