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Hi there,

Seroquel. If it's Slow Release the sedating effect is far less and does not have the "knockout" effect of fast release. Apparently breaking a slow release tab supposedly allows it to work faster as the covering is partially removed but I have not found that at all.

How much are you taking? And what time?

As you'd know sleeping erraticlly really screws with our system and is one of the main things we should focus on to try and stablise. Also the longer we stay awake the better we tend to feel, within limits. This is scientifically proven.

So if you look at those things together your aim might be to :

. Have a set daily routine. Regular meals, exercise and a set sleep time. The exercise is for distraction, to tire you and to release the good body chemicals we have in us, just not enough!

. Take a warm bath an hour or so before sleeping.

. No TV, video games, internet or screen activity for a couple of hours before sleep is due. Read a relatively boring book if you can. Something like history of a city you know is interesting but it does not keep you up at night! No thrillers etc.

. This bit is a personal routine I developed about a year ago. Like you and many others I have had certain thoughts running through my head as long as I can remember. Whenever I wasn't busy or doing something specific my mind would just turn to these thoughts and I would let it as I didn't know any better.

So I started writing a book. For real as well, but firstly in my head. Each time I lay down and found my mind flipping into the usual pattern I'd redirect it and try to focus on the first chapter, How would it start? What was a good first line? What characters would there be? And so on. Then when I woke up I'd open a document and write down at least the outline of what I'd thought up. If I didn't do that it would be lost but I couldn't write the lot, even one chapter in one go due depression problems etc.

OK? So I started this book and each time I lay down I had to redirect again, and again. And still I'd find my mind wandering off onto the usual or whatever.

But gradually it's become so that when I lie down my mind goes firstly to the story. Not the negative stuff. That may intrude but I'm now in a different mode where at least I start with the story.

What this has achieved is to stop those particular thoughts dominating my mind and as such I feel a little better each morning. The bad dreams have dropped right off.

And, I'm actually writing a real book! Over 30,000 words so far, about 1/3rd into it I think. That's great for me as for several years I was so out of things I couldn't read due to not retaining things page to page.

Just some thoughts.

Check our the Seroquel things too though, it's the best I've had for sleep. Aboput an hopur before I want to drop.


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