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will try posting them here as they are all related to bp.

Number 1

copyright IW.

Resisting Temptation

Paul is a twenty-one year old drug addict/alcoholic. The sketch opens with him searching all his pockets and his bag for his last bit of hash. (he is unaware of the fact that his family have gathered downstairs and are about to call him to an intervention where he will be offered the choice to get help or to leave). In the throes of his frantic search for drugs or drink he finds the photo of his friend Niall who killed himself two years earlier.


That fool of a judge
what the hell do they know about anything,
maybe he'd like to come and live my life for a while
see how he'd deal with the two aul ones and the saintly siblings
Noel and Catriona.
He'd soon be skinning up a joint too ...

(holding up his jacket and searching every pocket, finds the photo of Niall, pauses, looks at it, turns it in his hands for a moment)

Ah. Jaysus, Niall how the hell are you?
You're missin' all the craic
had one hell of a session at the weekend.
Relieved the aul fella's aul fella of his pension
What does he need it for anyway?
All those old fogeys get fed by nosy volunteers
all their bills paid for them.
I had a class weekend, don't remember a thing.
Broke the patio doors a few weeks ago
had to listen the the aul one rabbiting on for feckin ages....

(Gets angry)

Where were you when I needed you anyway, screw you

(slams the photo, face down).

Wish I could do it.
I'd have to be certain though.
Tablets? No.
What if I didn't take enough
that shower below in casualty
would only give me more grief.

Hose in the car? No.
They might find me too soon
back to the damn casualty. Rope?
Maybe.....if I smoked a few joints....
had enough whiskey....maybe I wouldn't feel the pain?

(head in hands) Christ Paul...what are you at?

(Searches a few more pockets in his jeans)

I know I have a joint in here somewhere.

How's a man supposed to get a bit of peace?
they all think I'm a waste of space?
My mother's wounded eyes drive me mad
Don’t mention the disappointed silence of the aul fella
every time he has to bring me down to the court.
I've really done it this time
six months suspended sentence
where in the name of God will I
get five hundred euro for a fine?

Why do they keep asking why?
Could I tell them?

Come and live in my head, fools
You'll see the demons
Dancing with Niall, feet balancing
only on empty air.
Visit with me in that welcoming black hole
where the voices are loud
and nobody listens anymore
Can you feel that rain that burns like
acid on sun-starved skin
that bounces and rattles endlessly
That big old oak tree knocking nightly
in the wind, on the windows
Keeping sleep somewhere far away
Eyes gritty enough to sand a table to
a perfect shine for coffee
Find oblivion in the aromatic joint
No..not beef or lamb

just me for the slaughter
Join me in the search for the bottom of
the bottle of whiskey.
Be a man, my father told me once
I'm a fine man to drink a good pint
At least the first four or five that I remember
Sometimes I hear his voice
Between number five and six
and before coma, just talking like old times
There too, as I become aware again
Lying on the grass outside the house,
Vomiting over the wall at the river
at the dawn
Covered in blood from the glass of the patio doors.
Shouting at me...distracting me from the comfort of
not knowing.
If you lived in my head for a while
then I might even let you help.
(turning to the side)

Noel: (Shouting up the stairs)

Paul can you come down for a minute?

Paul: For feck's sake Noel, I hear you
I'll be down in a bloody minute....

Scene 2

Opens in kitchen with mother (martina), father (john) brother (noel) and sister (Catriona)

Catriona and Noel are at sink washing and drying dishes.

John: dinner was lovely martina, noel, will you call paul again. Time is moving on

Noel: Paul, will you get down here now?

Paul: I’m coming now alright (angrily and noisily comes down the stairs,
into kitchen.

Paul: Didn’t I tell you that I already ate while I was out, I don’t want a bloody dinner. What do ye want?

(Silence at the sink as noel and Catriona exchange worried glances)

Marina: sit down paul, we have something to talk to you about, noel, Catriona come sit down too, the dishes may wait.

(all sit at the table)

Paul (jokingly but worriedly) what’s this, an intervention of some kind? You’ve got the wrong man for that, nothing wrong here!!

John: Actually paul, this is….kind of. After today in court we all acknowledge that something needs to be done.

Paul: (paul looks confused_) about what?

Martina: we can’t go on like this. You need help and you need it now. I’m only sorry we didn’t understand sooner how bad you’ve become.

Paul: there’s nothing wrong with me. If you all would just leave me alone I would be fine. I’m only doing what everyone else does and just because holy joe there (noel) and the saint )Catriona, never step out of line it doesn’t mean that I have any problems. Just normal behaviour for a lad my age.

(all stand up around him)

John: we know you want to die, we know you stole granddad’s pension
(no delays between these lines)
Martina: we know you broke the patio doors, we know it all
Noel: we know you haven’t €500 and if you don’t take our help you will end up in jail.
Catriona: Do you remember me picking you up from outside on the grass where you had collapsed too drunk to get inside.

Paul (head in hands) exaggeration, exaggeration. This is bullshit. I just want to get on with my life in peace.

(all sit again)

Martna : you have no peace, you talk to niall, we hear you late at night, we know that you’re taking pills and smoking just to get through the day. We want paul back.

Catriona: I want my brother back, will you please let us help you

Noel: yeah, even though you don’t deserve it, we will help. You can’t and we can’t go on like this.

Paul: what do you mean? Like what?

John: enough paul!! I spoke to your solicitor today and he said if you get into rehab and get help with your addictions and treatment for depression you won’t have to pay the fine or go to jail at all.

Paul: what are ye on about? What addictions, what depression?

Martina: did you think we wouldn’t hear about the overdoses, the cutting and the constantly drinking or use of other things just to escape even for a short while.

Noel: did you really think we didn’t see the blood or hear the shouting?

Paul: (impatiently and sounding bored) ok. Ok. What do I have to do?

Catriona: we found the joint and the pills paul, there’s nowhere else to go from here.

Martina: we cannot go on like this. Our lives are being destroyed. You either accept our help now or you will have to leave this house. Catriona’s doing her leaving cert it is not fair on any of us. Most of all you if you wont accept our help….. (softly) you will have to go.

Paul: (finally shocked out of his lethargy). You seriously mean you would kick me out? Where would I go? You can’t do that (looking beseechingly at his parents and family)

John: we can and we will. Enough is enough. Without the money for the fine you will go to jail and you better hope there is some help there is you refuse us tonight. There’s the matter of paying back the pension, paying for the doors and any other damage you have done.

Noel: come on paul this is your one chance to save yourself and us. We want to help you come back to us. Two years is long enough. Take the help.

Paul: but…

Martina: there is a place called Hope House, they will take you tonight. If you’re willing, your father will drive you.

Paul: hope house? You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t have any problems like that lot of alchos. What are you talking about?

Catriona: do you remember last weekend when you tried to assault a guy just for looking at you.

Noel: do you remember chasing after someone in the street, swearing it was Niall?

Martina: do you remember stealing the electricity and phone money from the press?

John: do you remember how many times you have stolen the car and damaged it?

All four: do you remember? We do.

Paul(with resignation) so I don’t have a choice here do i?

Martina: yes you do, you can choose to go on trying to kill yourself or you can take the help.

Paul: ok, ok, I get the point. Shape up or leave? Some choices. Can I just stay, I’ll change, I promise.

John: we’ve heard it all before and we should have done this a long time ago. We have your bag packed, they’re expecting you at eight.

Paul: tonight? Give me time, please, mam? (looks from one face to another seeing none give in to him this time.

Catriona: you have promised those empty words before.

Noel: yeah time to step up and take the right choice for all of us. We will be available to you throughout but we will not take anymore.

Martina: but they will only take you if you go voluntarily. Please paul, do it for yourself and for us? Think of Niall

Paul: I do little else

John: she means think of how astonished and upset he would be at this person you have become. He relied on you to carry on living for him. He trusted you to do that.

Paul: (whispers) ok, I’ll give it a try.

John: we’ll go now so. (hugs from all)

Paul (looks back into kitchen with cheeky look) this temptation thing is not all it’s cracked up to be.
here's number 2. copyright iw.

Scene opens with two women representing one person. One speaking of f screen/stage giving all the arguments for suicide while Martha in view is still thinking it over.

Martha 1 (writing as she speaks)

I am so sorry to do this to you but I am just so tired of living in this half life where it feels like every moment is like wading through the thickest of mud. If I died from cancer or any other illness I know you would understand so why should depression be any different. I seem to have no control over this. I have never before experienced such despair. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. Please, please, please, pursue the important things in life, say good bye to people always as if it may be the last time. Don’t hesitate to tell someone if they are important to you. Be kind always. Please know that you have been the light of my life and that I would have died long ago if it hadn’t been for you.

No, I can’t do it now, I can’t, who will get you through these awful teenage years, who will tell you that you are a gift, who will show you the magic in the days and stay up in the night to talk to you about nothing and everything. I should be there for you; I could be there for you. I can’t….

Martha 2:

Do it now, do it now, do it now, do it now, do it now….
They were right, they were all right… from Grandmother to..
Remember her saying:

You are such trouble to your mother; I would not have believed it of you. I thought you were a good girl’
You stuttered ‘What did I do?’
And she told you:

‘Don’t you be smart with me, I know what you did, and you are such a worry to your poor mother. She has enough to do with the rest of the family without having you behaving like a spoiled brat. You listen to me, stop being so bold and behave now for your mother’.

You went running to the mother, in tears, god you are sooo weak and always were. You asked her:

‘Why did you talk to grandmother about me? What did I do? She said I was a s.s.s.spoiled b.b.b.brat? What did I do?’.

Mother’s response was (in weariness and astonishment)

‘For goodness sake Martha, she made a mistake, I wasn’t talking about you, it was one of the others, and she made a mistake. Don’t mind her, now go and play outside’.


I never believed her, she betrayed me talking about me to grandmother, I was a child for god’s sake.

Martha 2:

I tried to believe her, I tried to be good.
I was never able to be good enough… remember when I wet the bed?
And her reaction, not to mention his. She dragged your downstairs to face the music, saying:

‘Go on; show Daddy what you did….’

Martha 2: You were terrified. You practically whimpered. So weak of you, whispering to him’
‘I wet my bed last night.’

He was his usual rage filled self and his expected response was:

‘I can’t hear you, did they not teach you to speak clearly, I do not know why we send you to school and you are still so stupid’..

Martha2: Then you cried like a little baby and repeated.

I, I wet my bed last night.

Martha 2: He jumped up and slapped you repeatedly across the face, shouting

‘Bad enough to wet the bed, but you tried to hide it. Do you want a reason to cry, I’ll give you a reason to cry. If you wet the bed again, I will take you out of that school and you can come work for me. Get out of my sight and go kneel in the corner. Stop those crocodile tears. Do you want me to get the crop?’


I have moved past all that, I know that they parented as they were parented. Till the day she died, if his mother had told him to hop he would have meekly said ‘how high mammy’ and the mother was terrified of him. They didn’t know it was wrong, they were taught that to spare the rod would spoil the child. You were not a bad child, you are not a bad person, and you are not stupid.

Martha 2: Stupid, stupid, stupid, how could you have thought you could please them. You were so bloody stupid. You were useless..

Not even able to clean a bathroom right when you were ten years old. He came home and said ‘The bathroom is not clean, does it again..’
Martha: I have it done, then came your useless tears again when you said ‘I have it done, I have it done.

He told youIt is not clean, do it again’ and after the fifth or sixth protestation he went in and produced with triumph a straight pin he had planted behind the toilet saying ‘see, get the crop (horse whip), if you had cleaned it properly you would have found this’ then he beats you for the umpteenth time for such stupid reasons. You are and were weak.

Do it now, do it now. Am sick of this boring you, who never leaves the house, sick of
You. Do it now.

(Martha takes first pill)

Martha: No. No. I am not useless, He was insane, he had to be, if he was doing to children today what he did then he would be in prison now. It was not my fault.
And yet he always made me feel that It was always my fault, always….remember when I fell and hurt my back and broke the new pelmet? All he wanted to know was how I could be so clumsy. Shaking me with my sore back and not caring, saying ‘ what about your back, you broke the new pelmet, you stupid, clumsy, useless child’ smacking you all the while then telling you to get out before he would give you a ‘reason to cry’.

or remember when I was at the front door talking to my friends and the baby fell inside, the two of them killed me that time or the time I was changing the baby’s nappy and someone had given her a fruit gum and she nearly choked. All they could hear was ‘‘who the fuck gave her a fruit gum, Jesus you could have killed her..all he could say was ‘what kind of language is that to use? (Beats you) do not ever let me hear such filth out of your mouth again.

Martha 2 and weak you trembled again and said: ‘but, but, the baby was choking, she could have died! His response only ‘The baby,…the baby’s fine and stop answering me back.. do not use that filthy language ever again.’

Martha : Or think of the day when he just walked into the house and started beating me because on of the others told him I was talking to a Jehovah’s Witness. He beat me from one side of the house to the other. That was the day I wrote about madness, I don’t know if it was his or mine but it was all madness. That was the time I took my first overdose, it was easy then to swallow a pack of disprin. I remember the blue box, but all it did was make me really sick.

But time passes

Martha 2. yes time passes and you had a good time for a couple of years living away from home in Dublin, going to gigs, even lisdoonvarna until you met John and things were so good at the start.

Martha 1. Yeah until I let him bully me just like my father had but in some ways he was worse because it was all verbal and I believed him utterly that I was useless, stupid, a bad wife, a bad mother. When he raped me I didn’t fight because it would have woken the kids or worse the time in my parents house it would have disturbed everyone. He knew the cards to play, he knew how to keep me under his control until I finally heard Jake when at 10yrs old he said ‘I don’t like daddy, and I don’t like not liking daddy’. That woke me up and we got out from under john’s control. Poverty nearly broke us all that time with three jobs, the kids to take care of and the house needing so much work. But you know what I survived it. There was one time though when I took a load of xanax, hoping to die but I just slept for nearly two days. Woke up just in time for the kids to come home.

Martha 2: Yes death has been your companion for many years. It’s always difficult to find a raison d’etre, a purpose beyond your children. You can’t keep living just for your children, they leave and do their own thing as is right and natural. You have to find a reason within yourself, for yourself, otherwise you’ll just keep resenting them more and more and keep finding reasons why they’d be better off without you. Maybe they would be better off without you….DO IT NOW

Martha 2: lose that Pollyanna view of the world… they would be better off without you. Get out that letter again

Martha : (writing) I’m so sorry to leave you like this but I feel that I have no choice no……………no I can’t do this now. I have to stay here with her till she’s finished school, I have to see if the boys will marry or if she will or if any of them will have children of their own, they are lovely people. I can’t do this to them..

Martha 2: do it now, do it now, do it now, do it now. Look you have the rope ready, that hook there in the ceiling is perfect, you have the pills, don’t stop. now’s the time do it. They’ll have time to get over it before her exams and before Christmas or birthdays. it’s the perfect time . Do it now. Do it now. Do it now. Martha takes a few more pills.

Martha : No. I have to remember the good times; there were good times too in the middle of all the awful things. There were magical Christmases, sneaking down the stairs to see what Santa brought or birthdays with cakes and candles…

Martha 2: Grow up, do you not remember the fear that lay behind all those times, the utter care not to say a wrong word or do a wrong thing that would send the old man off on a rant.and the mother too afraid to say anything at all.

Martha: I won’t listen to you, you’re wrong, the good times were good, the picnics on a sunny day in summer, the holidays in July

Martha 2 : I won’t remind you so of the smack across the face you got for simply talking to a boy on one of those holidays. I won’t remind you that you’re still not good enough; they only want to know you when things are going well. Nobody wants to know when things are bad.

Martha : But I know they’re delighted to see me when I go to visit, at least they act like they’re pleased but… (defeated tone) I know in my heart that they do not want to see me during bad times. They think I’m a failure because I haven’t made a life that is about the pursuit of money and on those terms they’re right. As for depression, they think I’m just a little down in the dumps and can cheer up. Life is always a struggle and has always been a struggle for me but we get by somehow every time, anyway that’s just a distraction, the point is that I cannot see a point. Stop distracting me with ancient history and help me find a point.

Martha 2: sorry hon, not my job, I don’t see a point, never have seen a point and in fact don’t think there is a point. I think you should just use that rope there like we planned. Leave the note on the front door to call the guards so nobody you know will find you and we’re done, if you would just finish that letter to the kids.

Martha : I need you to tell me how to be strong. How to live a life that doesn’t fall apart every time someone does something mean or horrible that floors me. Help me to stay off that floor. Other people seem to be able to live in this terrible world without finding it so difficult all the time. What can I do?

Martha 2: I keep telling you, do it now, do it now, do it now. You’re having an awful time, depression is a physical pain for a long time now in spite of all the meds you’ve tried. They make no difference. What’s to keep you here? Who would care at the end of the day? You know from experience, they get over it. Might take a month or two but they do get over it. They don’t understand the pain you’re in all the time. Do it now, do it now.
Will you listen to me? Just do it!

Martha 2: I would love to but the kids stop me every time. They would be devastated Jake and Maura…

Martha 1: Jake? Look how quickly he got his own life going, how often do you see him three/four times a year, he’s not going to miss you too much. He’ll get over it and move on like everybody else and as for Maura, ok I’ll give you that she might be upset but you know she’ll get over it too. She’ll have plenty of help from the family and from Jake. she’ll be fine. Just make sure that measures are in place to help her and you can do no more. It is not fair to expect a person to keep living like this. This pain is unbearable. Every day feels like torture that keeps repeating itself. The constant pain, anxiety and fear. The constant belief that you just don’t cut it. You just don’t fulfill the things you should. You are useless and lazy and incompetent. They were all right all those years you are a waste of space and they would all be better off without you. Write the letter, do it now. Do me a favour, do you a favour, do us a favour. Stop dithering, stop hesitating and just do it.

Martha; (stronger now) picks up photo now and says ‘no go away’ put’s in headphones to listen to distracting music and throws the pills in the bin. Not today anyway….. Not today

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