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I have been on so meds that I can't remember them. I am taking wellbutrin and lamicta; I'm suppose to also take prozac. When I first started taking this combo I slept alot and would sit my chair the rest of time. I wouldn't leave the house it just took so much engery. She then put me on provigil it seem to work that first month, then boom back like I was I just seemed like in fog and couldn't even think straight...well several weeks ago I was sleeping like 16 - 18 hours a day and for 3 days I didn't take lamictal or prozac. On 4th day I woke up feeling good, my brain was starting to again. I now back on lamictal but not on prozac. I think it was causing me to sleep so much and not care about anything.

You might want talk to your pdoc and don't do like me
NEVER EVER just stop taking your meds talk to pdoc first.

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