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[QUOTE=bluegreensky;3942637]hi all, this is a first for me, and i dont know why i've never thought of this, guess sometimes you need to be pushed past the point of being desperate...all the same, i'm glad that this is where i've ended up. it really is very comforting to see that i'm not alone in this, i don't have a support system and never really bothered to understand my illness properly as i haven't been severely affected until now, hard to believe that it's been years since my last episode, and i think i've matured somewhat which is why this time is different for me...i apologize if this post is a little incoherent, having some difficulty concentrating...i read about kaitlin earlier...i'm kind of in he same boat...currently having a mixed episode, have been struggling with it since dec 08 and frankly i don't know which way anymore...i'm in south africa and the only medication that doctors here seem to believe in is serequel (quetiapine)...i would like to know what other up to date medication is being used for bipolar disorder, specifically mixed episodes...i'm having great difficulty sleeping, racing thoughts the one moment, braindead the next, hungry but don't feel like eating, tired but can't sleep, agitated, anxious at times, depressed but on top of the world, really crazy emotions all at the same time, crying my heart out while at the same time telling my therapist that i'm feeling on top of the world! please if anyone has some advice or information on medication i'd eally appreciate it...thanks guys...claudette[/QUOTE]

HI and welcome,

sorry, i didn't see this post until now. i take lamictal, thyroxine, lexapro, ltryptophan, klonopin and xanax. i have bp with dysphoric mania which means that i have mixed episodes with suicidal depression, have had some high manias but not for quite a while, this particular bout of severe depression with rapid cycling has lasted for about sixteen months. i guess what i'm trying to say is that sometimes it takes some time to get the right combinations of meds for each person. i tried lithium, effexor xl, zyprexa, lexapro, klonopin, thyroxine and xanax for about a year but that combo didn't suit. am pretty med resistant but at least med compliant. have tried several meds over the last twenty/thirty years and each time i have to change after a little while. so don't give up hope. you will get there in the end to find meds that at least will manage the disease. do you get free med care over there? and no, i don't think bp's change tdocs or pdocs all the time unless they fail to establish a relationship with the one they have or they think they are unhelpful in their particular case. hope you are doing ok and will find meds that work for you.


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