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[QUOTE=lindy77077;3963101]I am so sorry to hear that, I can't think of a worse way to break up with someone but through text, that's cowardly. My friend, not even a boyfriend, just cancelled on me all the time and we never got together and she didn't return my calls or e-mails. On the personal front, I haven't had a boyfriend in almost 15 years, my university broke up with me when we graduated because he wanted "space" and I was devastated and went into a deep depression since we were planning on getting married and there were many ups and downs with him after that. That was one of my breaking points. Prior to being diagnosed, I didn't "do" relationships, I was too busy going out and getting completely loaded and taking home strangers. I'm very luck I came out of all that healthy and safe. Since becoming more stable, I had a 6-week relationship I ended because I couldn't handle it. I think more than the weight gain, not having a partner in life is the hardest thing for me to deal with. I cry a lot about it in psycho and group therapy. Do you talk to someone like that? It doesn't solve the problem but helps for a bit....[/QUOTE]

hi lindy,

sorry to hear that you too have been through this crap with men. not having a partner is also one of the things i find hardest to deal with, just the comfort of it and having someone to bounce ideas off. my pdoc is good though so am lucky there. did the getting loaded and sex thing too but like you thankfully came through it healthy too. i would love to meet someone but living as i do in fairly complete isolation that is not v. likely though i am trying to leave the house at least once every day and trying not to sh at the moment too. just starting fifth day and feeling more positive about it this time though it is v. difficult. also pm me anytime you need to vent about it, the lonliness is hard to deal with.

[QUOTE=caitlin122;3963678]Thank you Dreams! I agree that I deserve better. I'm only sorry I spent 9 days crying all day everyday over him. If he had told me sooner what he was keeping from me, I would have saved a lot of pain. I am now excited to move on and have a fresh start. He's got a lot of nerve thinking everything was my fault, when in reality he caused way more problems by hiding things from me and lying to me. Time to move on...[/QUOTE]

You're welcome!

You may have wasted 9 days crying over him, but think about it this way: What would have happened if you married him and then discovered what he was hiding from you? At least you know the truth now and can find someone else who will love you bipolar and all.


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