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[QUOTE=Meyahl;3969070]How do i know my geodon isnt working anymore? I have taking it for four years now, 20mg once at night.Now having trouble falling asleep. Going on a week or two. MY ONLY MED. Started taking it for the baby blues and breaking down over it-never could get off. P-doctor said I was bioplar. Wondering how most found out they were bioplar? Is my story uncommon?[/QUOTE]

I found out I was BP 3 weeks after the birt of my first son 20 yrs ago when my husband came home and found me with a bottle of pills and having cut one of my wrists, that was my first suicide attempt, I had been severely depressed since the baby was born. My first pdoc told me that undiagnosed BiPolar Depression becomes about 100 times worse after the birth of a baby in women due to the severe hormonal fluxuations.

If you think your meds are not working the only real thing you can do is call your pdoc and let him know so that you can get in to see him. You may just need a simple adjustment, or maybe a switch to a new med. This is not uncommon in BiPolar. I've had at least 10 med changes/adjustments in the last few months, and many over the last year and a half.

Good luck and let us know how you're doing.


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