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[QUOTE=Jemi200;3983654]I have high energy and don't need to sleep much, but I'm not doing anything stupid like going on shopping sprees and saying i'm the best in the world.

I kinda like it.[/QUOTE]

I used to feel the same way, but not anymore. When I'm manic, I feel wonderful at the beginning of an episode, but it isn't long before I crash into extreme irritability and severe depression. To me, being manic just isn't worth it.

I would let your pdoc know about your current state. If left untreated, mania can turn into psychosis. Believe me, you don't want that to happen. I can tell you this from personal experience. Before I was diagnosed and treated for bipolar, I ended up having a severe manic episode where I lost orientation x3 (person, time, place) and heard up to 20 different voices which told me to harm myself. I was also extremely irritable and combative. I had to be hospitalized for a little over a month, 6 people had to literally drag me into the hospital and 4 people held my arms and legs in order to inject me with high doses of mood stabilizers and antipsychotics.

Mania is nothing to underestimate or fool around with. Please let your pdoc know what is happening.
[QUOTE=Jemi200;3983855]I know you're trying to help me but didn't I say this happened before?
It's also hard for other people to know when someone really is manic and isn't. If you hung out with me for the past 3 months you wouldn't say I'm manic at all. I naturally get like this like other bipolar people but when I'm not on my medications I do go to a depressed state.

I am on my meds however, willingly.[/QUOTE]

There's no need to get defensive. You asked for my opinion and I gave it to you.

As to whether or not it's difficult for others to recognize mania in their family members or friends, this is true, but not always. My sister knows when I'm manic because I speak rapidly, I can't be interrupted, I move from topic to topic, I have flight of ideas (meaning that the things I say don't make sense) and I become extremely irritable.
I've only had one episode recently, in early April, with mild euphoria. A few weeks before that, under stress, I told some family members off. (not like me to act this way) It's like I had a bout of courage minus the drink ;)

Most of my hypomania is edgy, irritable energy. Sometimes I feel the way I've heard autism described - anxiety produced by much stimulus. It could be a normal amount of stimulus to many, but for me, it's overboard, and I just want to get away. I've noticed that I pick up people's emotions, esp my family's and that leads me to this PMS-ish state of cloudy-headed irritablity. It's like I'm Deanna Troy on Star Trek, the empath.

Haven't been depressed for 2 years, thanks to mood stabilizers. But this hypomania acts up. And I think I'd rather it didn't. I'm not happy with it. I'm envious of my calm, steady husband.

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