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I really feel for you. I am new here, and felt compelled to respond. I think, as a wife of a bipolar sufferer, that it sometimes is very hard for the person who has bipolar to understand the effects that the disease has on the spouse. Yes, you have the disease, and that is the short end of the stick. But try and understand that she has to deal with the fall out of the disease every day of her life too. I think it would maybe help you to think of it, not as your personal disease, but as "your" (as a couple) disease. Because marriage is so intimate, and truly is an experience where two become "one", that for you to have a good relationship I think it's important to realize that the effects of bipolar are intensely felt by both of you. It also helps, I think, to view the disease as the problem, and not you, and not your wife. You have a common "enemy" and it is the disease, not each other. I think that gets lost a lot of times. I know it certainly does in my marriage.

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