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We are NOT defective, getting to a full realization for many if not most is a journey that I dare say few make who are bipolar. I think I need to start a bipolar retreat here on the beautiful Oregon Coast and get everyone together and work through the process of getting healthy in ALL facets of their lives and at the very least get people thinking correctly. It's a curse if you think it's only meds, and that meds is purely the solution. This requires more meds, which then turns around to more meds, and on and on and on until the meds themselves are the problem along with being bipolar. I've read some posts here where people are popping 14 pills a day, that is stupidity feeding stupidity. the problems are being masked they are deeply all in your head. The beauty of this statement is that cognitive science says everyone is in their head including your doctor's view of independence or sense of being objective. this is simply false. Their assumptions are proving it out daily in people's lives that there is more going on than simply a chemical problem with bipolars. Meds ARE important, it's a first step, but it's not the solution and will never be for Bipolar it stabilizes an unhealthy thinking person.

Thich Nhat Hanh
"We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness. "

This is directly applicable to bipolars they have all of the tools and awareness towards a healthy mindful life that is balanced and engaged independent of medication. Work, Work, Work is required honesty and acceptance of oneself is first and formost the first step in a walk towards mindfulness. Strange that I have a BA in Christian Education, got my Degree based simply on a bipolar experience of God, 12 years later went nuts, and i now quote Buddhist monks as being completely consistent to the New testament. Our sense of what spirituality actually is what that exactly is, how that exactly works goes a long ways towards being healthy in who we are. I might say most of what everyone has been fed is pure nonsense and completely unhealthy for bipolar individuals. Disembodied, disconnected, and purely illusionary in nature. If you have a sensitivity to a religious quality of your experiences, and if you have a sensitivity to it's biological nature and struggle with both being at odds, that I can explain in full detail in how to move from a cultural that is deeply divided on a spiritual/science axis that shares the exactly perceptual framework with each other that is EXTREMELY unhealthy for the bipolar individual to share.

Anyone want to share their core experiences in their mania phases, I would love to hear them. drop me a note.

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