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Re: Insomnia
May 29, 2012
Hello Fellow Bipolar Insomniac, I'm afraid I don't have much comforting news for you on this topic, but I've definitely been in your shoes regarding insomnia. I would change the terminology from chronic insomnia to Intractable Insomnia. I had intractable insomnia for over 20 years and I tried virtually everything, including all lifestyle changes and pills. I used to swallow astounding amounts of sleeping pills when I was younger, under my doctor's supervision, but to no avail. It seemed to defy all logic and beyond. I couldn't control my sleep cycles, but rather my sleep cycles controlled me and my whole life. Accupuncture did nothing for me, but helps many and hopefully you, too. Some of the OTC (over-the-counter) herbal remedies can be dangerous for bipolars and can have bad interactions with other meds, no joke! Anyway, I think the only reason Seroquel finally works for me at age 50 is because of the hormone/chemical shifts that come with age.
You didn't mention how long you tried Seroquel, but the daytime sleepiness side-effect may diminish with time. I hope you give it enough time before abandoning it altogether. I suspect that, if not Seroquel, some other atypical antipsychotic will be the only thing that really works, because they "hit the neurotransmitters harder", although hot baths, etc, help you gear down and relax. Also, yoga is fantastic for keeping you calm and coping skills Up while dealing with this terrible problem. Good Luck!:angel:

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