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happiness is out there for all of you.Dont become a victim of your illness.You have an illness,just like others do-not a certificate to doom.Your illness is trestable and a many a people function at the highest levels in life with bipolar is not a one way ticket to lonliness and misery.

You have to start adding a little positive thinking into your lives.Like yourselves.Like life.Understand your illness.Just dont read the negative on it,for all illnesses have good and bad sides.Many people in high positions are bipolar.

Many bipolar peole are married and have families.You have to make time for yourselves to be in a good place in life.With this i think relationships that are healthy follow.All people arent meant to be married.All people arent meant to be married,and that is fine too.I am not!I am happy!Make room for change and failure,happiness and joy,peace and acceptance in life.:0)

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