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Geodon & Seroquel
Aug 22, 2010
Does anyone take both of these meds? I used to take 50mg of Seroquel for sleep - it knocks me out! Plus, I get a little anti-depressant side effect from it. I never did gain any weight from that low dose.

My current doc took me off Seroquel because one of the side effects I get is irritability in the morning from my night time dose of Seroquel - weird, huh? I don't understand why it would make me irritable.

Now I take 60mg of Geodon. I'm not sure it really does that much for my mood. I guess it helps stabilize me, but it doesn't help with sleep. I miss the Seroquel sleep. Doc would rather I took a sleep med than both Goedon and Seroquel.
That was the first medication along with lexapro and klonopin that I used. I love it because it slowed my mind significantly and I could sleep but I had to quit it because my glucose levels were getting higher and I had to be productive at work. I really miss it but I cannot take it.
I take Seroquel XR, 1200mg. It does not make me sleepy at all. The thing about seroquel is the higher dose you take, the less sedation characteristics it has. Also, the longer you take it the more of a tolerance you build for it. I've been on Seroquel for 4 years. I took Geodon many, many years ago, and never received any benefit from it, so stopped it.

My current cocktail is Seroquel XR, Lithium, Lexapro, Vistaril, Clonodine, Topomax which is used off-lable for BP and I take for multiple conditions, and Ambien.
I am currently taking Geodon it helps with the mania and losing touch with reality,but i feel no emotions i cant cry i cant laugh the only emotions i feel are very strong and in frequent it doesnt help with sleep either(i sleep 5 hours a night)

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