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I have been for the last two and a half months on Cypralex (10 mg a day) and only to months on Lamotrigine (100mg a day) to treat BP type 2. Last Friday I went to my Pdoc appointment and she says that she wants to put me on Geodon to get rid of my anxiety or OCD or the skin picking and hair pulling.
The reason I don't want Geodon is because I don't handle well weight gain. I have bulimia and anorexia, compulsive eating since I was 15 years old. I could jump from one to the other. Get 20 pounds in two months and then lose all the weight in one month. I can't diet because is very easy for me to start to restrict food intake. I am scared, terrified to become like that again. I don't have a very healthy relationship with food. I am much better now. I like to cook and make others eat. I enjoy seeing people eating. I am not very happy when people leave food on the plate. And I HATE when people serve more food on my plate than I allow myself to eat.
Anyhow , NO GEODON for me. I weigh123 pounds at the moment as my friend ask me to weigh myself (the one rule for me is not to do it so I won't become obsessive)and voila. I was stupid enough I weighed myself and the wrong number showed up.
Wow! Sorry for the rant.
GEODON... ? I appreciate your input...
I was on seroquel 800mg then 600mg for two years and gained no weight. Other people do. About the geodon, One lady was rail thin and was on geodon for 12 years. One other lady was on Geodon for 2 years and gained 35 lbs. So really it is up to your body on how the meds will work. I was thinking about going on Geodon soon. I have to talk to my doc. Good luck
I took seroquel for two years with no weight gain and found some friends did. One girl on geodon was rail thin and another girl gained 35 lbs. It is all up to your body on how you react to it. Best of luck
I know how you feel. Sometimes it's overwhelming knowing you'll have to be on meds all your life to maintain a balance, but at least you know you have help and support. I have the skin and hair picking issue too, and my pdoc never addressed it. It's so bad that I have sores sometimes from repicking scabs. The topamax doesn't help with that, so maybe that wouldn't be good to put on the list of suggestions. I would try out the seroquel or geodon and if you don't like it, talk to your pdoc and I'm sure he/she will be willing to try you out on something else :)

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