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Yes, your symptoms sound perfectly fit to bipolar disorder. Not only that, but the diagnosis of Bipolar 2 sounds very accurate as well. It sounds like your GP has done his fair share of psych studies. Bipolar 2 is characterized as mainly severe depression with rare hypomania or even moderate acute mania. However, bipolar I is characterized as SEVERE PSYCHOTIC episodes (and I mean that's like having an episode where you're thinking you're a divine being who is getting messages from aliens and can do magic with your mind -type of thing) Your episode sounds more of the short-lived mild manic episodes coupled with mostly severe depression (but even mild to moderate mania can still be Earth shattering!) As far as the MS concern- depression can manifest itself into any many different, crazy physical ailments. Don't forget that nerves innervate every single part of our body and nerves are, of course, the pathways of which our brain communicates, so when your brain is sick, it's signals to the body can coincide with that sickness; hence the physical ailments.

Of course, if you're bipolar, anti-depressants are the catalysts for disaster. It up-swings you into hypomania/mania and without a mood stabilizer to keep it in check that, you'll go over the edge. (In fact, most bipolar patients are diagnosed simply because they came to the doc with depression, got antidepressants, flipped their lid, and therefor gave the tell tale bipolar signs. -this is how I was diagnosed) That's why you had the episode after starting SSRI treatment.

Here's the thing: it may take several years of careful observance, persistence, patience, and frustration before you find the right treatment. Bipolar is very little understood in it's essence, and so it's trial-and-error when treating every single bipolar patient, since there are so many variations. I had a psychotic manic episode followed by a deep dark depression and it took me about two years after diagnosis before I started coming back to life. My medicine was near optimum after five...and you have to readjust your meds every few years-it's a commitment if you wanna stay sane. Basically you have to go to a psychiatrist and let them experiment on you with different treatments until you become well and stable. Also, accept that you'll be on a cocktail of meds. (I was on 5 at one point) I also took sodium valproate and it made me crash hard. I tried zyprexa, lithium, everything for a mood stabilizer. Then she tried me on lamictal when it was still brand new and little known about. I LOVE LOVE LOVE lamictal!!!!! I can't stress enough how awesome it is. It's really good for those who bipolars who are mostly depressive, because on top of being a mood stabilizer, it has a mysterious antidepressant effect. Getting the right mood stabilizer is key. Then you can tweek the supplemental meds like SSRI's. Anyway, I feel like I've blabbed enough, but if you ask me-Yes, you are bipolar II and you need to see a good psychiatrist(ask around). It will take a while to perfect your cocktail and you'll probably never be COMPLETELY satisfied, but be patient. Be consistent, sleep on a regular schedule, exercise, and be mindful of all your behaviors/thoughts during treatment. I could go on and on about bipolar disorder and if you have questions, fire away, but for now I'll stop here :) Best of luck

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