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... You should talk to your doctor about this. He can probably give you a medication, to control side effects. Im taking one right now, CO-JENT-TAN, (not sure how to spell it lol ) and it definelty controls the side affects, makes them disappear (4 replies)
... I think it is Ambilify because since i switched to ambilify i noticed my hair coming out more in the shower. I could be wrong, but i think it is the ambilify. thank you for responding to my post. ... (4 replies)
... Hey there, im taking ambilify, but havent experienced any hair loss from it. But a few yeats back, i was taking EPIVOL, and I loss alot of my hair, to the point i wore a wig for a year or so................ You should talk to your doctor, maybe he or she can perscribe something to calm the side effects done. And whats makes you think it the ambilify?? (4 replies)

... I have been on Ambilify 10 mgs, and Paxil 60mg's for 6 months now. I have noticed my hair thinning on the top alot!! Does anyone else out there have the same side affect? ... (4 replies)
Oct 31, 2008
... Anyone suffer from headachs while taking Ambilify. I am have really bad ones right after taking it. (7 replies)
... Just started taking abilify at 2 mil , did your doctor start u out at a low dose like that or what? Hope your wrong about the hair thing but cant comment yet on it because I haven't been on it long enought to tell. I like abilify so far also except for being sleepy at times. (4 replies)
... rdal for almost two year's...... I did not like it at all, one of the reasons i didnt like it was weight gain. as soon as i went off it i lost the weight. I take ambilify now, 10 mgs....... I love it!! no weight gain, or any other side affects. ... (5 replies)
... can get used to the blah feeling. I have been on mood stabilizers now for nearly 10 months and still can't seem to get used to it. I am Bipolar 1 and was put on Ambilify to battle the depression. My manic episodes are not as sporadic and seem to be under control. I do feel like I can't remember a darn thing though!! ... (10 replies)
... Thanks for the tidbit. I know it's from the Ambilify, but it helps with my depression side of my Bipolar. Maybe, I will have to grin and bare it. It does help with the random crying fits and my insomnia. It scares me that you had to go on disability from being a college professor. I do think there is a correlation between being intelligent and being bipolar. Or at least I... (5 replies)
... I am currently taking 400mg of Lamictal and then Ambilify daily. I feel totally brain dead and tired all the time. I want to go back to college, however I don't know if I can get through if I can't even concentrate. ... (5 replies)
... Has anyone else taken these drugs at the same time. If so did you have any side effects from them and what was your experience taking them? (0 replies)
... She was given 3 medications at first 1. Lithium 2. Ambilify and 3. Restoril. ... (1 replies)
Bipolar madness
May 14, 2009
... i always get angry or depressed or both. I know however what mania is cause the medicine Ambilify triggered it when I first started it a couple of years ago. However, I did level out and all was "good enough". ... (15 replies)
... Hi All! As I have mentioned earlier, my significant other has been in and out of the hospital for the past two years. Since her last hospitalization, she was diagnosed as BP by her pdoc. Once we got her home, she was advised the her medication will be 1. Lithium and 2. Some Sleeping Pill and 3. Ambilify (for only a month). Despite the Dr's warning that these medication will... (1 replies)
... I wonder if she has PTSD since it's common for people to become angry or fearful when they are triggered by sounds or situations in their environment. I have PTSD myself and experience flashbacks whenever I hear certain sounds. During my flashbacks I also hear the voices of my abusers and can become very combative if someone tries to touch me during this time. As for the... (19 replies)
... Do you and your wife attend her psychiatrist appointments together? If so, you may want to write a list of symptoms you notice her exhibiting and give this to her doctor. Is your wife on any meds? It sounds as if she may be experiencing depression. If she isn't bipolar, anti-depressants may be helpful. - Yes, I do attend all her appointments and have a ready list for... (19 replies)
... Good Day to all! My wife was admitted at the hospital again for what the Dr. would say is Bipolar. This is her 2nd time hospitalized, with the first one being Psychosis NOS. Now she has three medications, Lithium, Ambilify (only for a month) and Restoril (for sleeping). Since, everything seems to be lost for now, I have a few questions: 1. Family History - She does not... (19 replies)
Nov 11, 2008
... So far the topamax has been working i havent had a headach. and i hab=ve lost 6 of the 15 pounds i gained from being on the Zyprexa.hope it keeps working will keep you posted on the news (7 replies)
Nov 10, 2008
... Hey Linda! Now I'm on my 2nd week of 10 mg. But last week I forgotten to take my med at night, so I took it that morning. Well I did have a slight headache, not too too bad. I do feel a little nauseous at times, but barely anything to shake a stick at. Since I took it during the day - I felt funky until later on, then I felt better. Now I know why my pdoc has me taking... (7 replies)
Nov 10, 2008
... Linda, I felt a lot like you in the beginning as medication would work for a bit and then all of a sudden it would stop and during that time I had to put up with side effects I didn't particularly like (headaches/weight gain) for it to not help. I have been lucky so far (touch wood) with my current cocktail of Cymbalta; Lithium and Zyprexa. I haven't gained any weight, I... (7 replies)

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