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... anxiety med. I take Prozac for my bipolar depression, but I've found that it also helps relieve the anxiety I feel when I'm manic or am having a PTSD flashback. ... (48 replies)
... that I love. My boss of 7 years doesn't have a clue that I'm bipolar. To address the anxiety ... ... (11 replies)
... sabotaging depression where my mind is my own worst enemy. These long periods are as you know followed by short periods of hypomania which good or bad I much more prefer. ... (2 replies)

... I notice that you say your "latest manic episode," meaning that you've had periods of mania before. I would say that if you were manic before taking the SSRI, you were definitely bipolar anyway. ... (14 replies)
... I understand that usually people who become manic or hypomanic usually its not that safe to be prescribed any antidepressents which are usually the best for people like me who have a social anxiety disorder. ... (48 replies)
... I can see why they prescribed Depakote for your OCD. It was probably meant to reduce your overall anxiety level although anti-anxiety meds and SSRIs are a better choice when it comes to treating that symptom. I'm glad Zyprexa worked well for you and that you now have an accurate diagnosis. If you don't mind my asking, what type of bipolar do you have? (i.e. Type I or II) (11 replies)
... st suddenly feels like its going to collapse from the anxiety. I sometimes think I am going to give myself a heartattack from the irrational thoughts. Its called mania and is very common for BPD and Bipolar suffers. I doubt that you have OCD, you might however have a combination of Bipolar and BPD? ... (3 replies)
... anxiety or whatever it is, we try it to help us. You know how it goes, maybe they work and maybe it won't. ... (16 replies)
... I am supposed to be on antidepressent- but they kept telling me to wait- IDK it is very frustrating. I have Bi-polar 1 with manic depressive and severe anxiety- severe mania's and all that good stuff. I was on the depakote and had severe Lava from my butt lol. They just want to do things at thier pace and do not realize that we know our bodies- and we can only try. We are... (11 replies)
... yes that does help thank you. i will probably visit a doctor soon. lots of disorders seem so similar it's difficult to place where i am. it may just be anxiety, or i may be borderline. i guess i just need to know, so i know how i can help myself. thank you for you're advice. ... (7 replies)
... ome of the common symptoms of the illness. Please keep in mind this is only meant as a guide to further your understanding. No one person can diagnose themselves or others as suffering from bipolar disorder. ... (0 replies)
... In bipolar disorder mania or hypomania must be present for the diagnoses to be made. ... (5 replies)
... Hehehe! Skinny or sane? ... (4 replies)
... People make the mistake of thinking that the 'manic' or mania aspect of BP should be obvious and outrageous. ... (66 replies)
... Can you still have episodes when your medicine is "stable" or do they constantly need to be tweeked? ... (7 replies)
... Obviously I am a layman and don't really know lots about drugs. However, it sounds to me like you need a different or another mood stabilizer. I know in my son's case, they found that taking several mood stabilizers was sufficient to control any symptoms of depression or mania. ... (8 replies)
... truely, Curious why you ask if the ups and downs are from one day to the next? Scotty said that there were ups and downs. Sometimes the ups and downs hold on alot longer than day to day. In fact, alot of times. Just depends on the person. Also, there is more than euphoric type mania. Not just feeling on top of the world. There can also be dysphoric mania, mixed episodes,... (5 replies)
Oct 30, 2010
... all of the above at once and much more, going out of control for an extended period until you either get arrested, your family comes after you, you think the CIA or aliens are after you, or you get committed or commit yourself. That's mania in my book. ... (2 replies)
Just Found Out.
Apr 9, 2007
... You mentioned that people were suggesting that your job might be too stressful. I wondered if these people were family or friends? ... (3 replies)
... senioritis," anxiety about starting over after school, etc. ... (8 replies)

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