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... court91 as has been said there are no right combos as every individual is different. i found lithium did not help but lamictal seems to help a little with abilify, thyroxine, clonazempam and xanax. have tried so many different ones now i'd fill the page with them all. keep at it and talk to your pdoc. (223 replies)
... so i can live a "normal" life. Ive been reading some threads about lamictal and many people are saying that it doesnt really help them either. Im schizophrenic, bipolar and i have add. phew, so in everyones opinion what is the best medicine for these disorders? ... (223 replies)
... Dreams in Neon, I'm glad you found the meds that work for you. I Agree with your post everyones different and what works for one person may not work for another. ... (223 replies)

... y Ph.D. and eventually start my own practice working with clients who have bipolar, schizophrenia and PTSD. I'm so happy that Lithium and Prozac are working well for you! I used to take them in combination back in the early to mid 90s. ... (223 replies)
... try telling your sister that if she had any other disease she would not hesitate to get treatment. even treatment for flu or cold counts!! ... (223 replies)
... well i was planning on having my tdoc talk to her but i dk if they can do that without paying for it. i wonder if i can bring her in the room with me and see if she can talk to them. ... (223 replies)
... Kat, I'm glad Abilify is helping your depression. That's great! (223 replies)
... anti psychotic and it also works as an anti depressant for BiPolar Depression. ... (223 replies)
... my pdoc put me on 10mgs right away because he replaced the risperdal with it. im glad that its starting to work for you! how long did you get the blurry vision for? ... (223 replies)
... to crippling, paralyzing panic attacks where I know for a fact that I'm dying at that very moment which can last for hours. ... (223 replies)
... He addresses my bipolar first by asking me how I'm doing and how well my meds are working. He also looks at my mood journal to identify any patterns in my rapid cycling. ... (223 replies)
... i hope everythings well for you now, i missed a nights worth of doses once when i was on risperdal, lamictal and celexa and i went crazy. i couldnt sleep and people were screaming at me. ... (223 replies)
... Since he hears voices, it could be bipolar I or II with psychosis, schizoaffective disorder or atypical bipolar. ... (223 replies)
... btw. the only person i really make an effort to hide scars from is my daughter. for anyone else i view them as the scars of the disease the same as any other illness. i always feel it is like a physical manifestation of the disease. ... (223 replies)
... put you off. most people find the right meds fairly quickly, it is just that i am very med resistant and even when i find ones that work, they seem to only work for a while then my body gets used to them and we have to start again. ... (223 replies)
... lieve my depression in addition to Prozac. As it turned out, Prozac eventually pooped out on me a year later, so I was switched to Paxil which worked much better for me. ... (223 replies)
... no he just put me on that medicine and said that itll help the spasms. ... (223 replies)
... I've used both of them in the past. Can't take st. john's wort, doesn't mix with some of the psych meds I'm on, and valerian is more of a sleeping pill than anything and I can take 6 of them and still not go to sleep. Plus they smell like stinky socks. *l* My pdoc combines hollistic medicine with traditional medicine so he has me on almost as many vitamins/herbals as... (223 replies)
... I don't think I was clear in my post. I said that someone on a different bipolar message board told me my manic episode had nothing to do with my cold and that the only reason I'm sick is because I picked up a cold virus. ... (223 replies)
... Kat, She's aware of that which is why she told me she wasn't surprised I was sick after having a manic episode. By the way, this counselor has a Ph.D. in psychology, so she's pretty well-versed when it comes to bipolar. (223 replies)

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