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... Strangely good moods every couple days. I'll make constant sex jokes and try and catch the attention of as many people as possible. Sometimes, my friends tell me "you're in quite a strange mood today". ... (5 replies)
... past and told me the painful details which made me care about her even more, to think that someone would do these things to a child, especially one dealing with bi polar and a violent childhood made me very sad but we talked about it and after a while she seemed to be doing fine and life went on. ... (7 replies)
... tired during the day. One night I had unusual energy. My mind was racing. My body didn't have the usual pain of depression. My senses were very keen, and my sex drive was through the roof! Now, I have a healthy sex drive, but I have never experienced something like this before. ... (3 replies)

Bi-Polar w/ ADD
Jul 2, 2004
... if someone asked me while I was taking them, about my sex life, I would say, what sex life... oh, yeah, I suppose I am suppose to have one.. ... (21 replies)
... yes when ever i start to get in a relationship i feel obligated to tell them im bi polar. ... (3 replies)
... One of the reasons I feel that my bi-polar gets out of control is that my support network is too little, which helps add to my mood swings, feelings of isolation, and co-dependency on dating relationships. When a dating relationship doesn't work out, I feel that the world has ended and I'm thrown back into feelings of "me against the world" and suicidal thoughts. When I try... (13 replies)
... It started last year in May2001 when my hubby,kids and me were vacationing with my parents.Stuff went down and my dad slapped and choked me.I'm 26 now.Anyways we left the situation after me wanting to charge my dad with assault.The cop never did.Anyways thats when my disorder started leaving me depressed,losing weight,compulsive disorder which involved cleaning all the time,No... (1 replies)
... From Gee Gee, Hi ! I think I have found someone who can relate to my many issues...., So, here goes......, I have BiPolar also. I am having to take several meds., to keep my feet on the ground, these days. I think these drugs we have to take do dampen our libido's. From the response I have gotten, I really do think it is an issue ! Okay, I am also on several... (10 replies)
... polar, anxiety, depression, and agorophobia. So, it's sex or be crazy. The sleep apnea gets a lot better with the CPAP machine. ... (10 replies)
... :) Thanks Nonny !!! You stated (at one point)... "I guess as long as your partner doesn't mind-what the heck?! No electric dust!! Maybe there are more of us who can talk this way, with the electronic therapist." My "real life" therapist is also uncomfortable discussing sexual proclivities. All of them have been. Partners have been the problem (for me). (32 replies)
... Stress reduction is essential to dealing with Bipolar Disorder. One of the most effective stress reducers is satisfying sex. Satisfying sex works best with an enthusiastic partner. Bipolars have difficulty cultivating the relationships necessary to maintain enthusiastic partners. ... (24 replies)
... I have reason to believe I have bi-polar, yet have very rarely in all my life experienced sex-drive. I'm currently seeing the doctors regarding drastically low libido. (12 replies)
... polar disorder. Besides the sex drive and mood swings, what are the symptoms? ... (15 replies)
... :wave: Hello There, I hope you are well today.... I was intrigued by your post as it would be something i would have written, a few weeks or so ago... Initially I would eliminate the thought that your total lifes happiness will stem from a relationship in the form of one based on sex... All that will do will heighten the negative feelings and reinforce any low self esteem... (13 replies)
... but even then, there's the sensed resentment in the clubhouse. I'd much rather play by myself, which parallels my sex life... ... (32 replies)
... e it IS localized to that region, doesnt go through your digestive tract, minimalizing interference with other meds. i guess you arent supposed to feel it during sex either, but oth my boyfriend and i do. ... (3 replies)
Bi-polar Mania
Jul 21, 2011
... Wondering if anyone can help or can relate with my problem? My last manic stage was in 88, euphoria the whole thing, lost alot of weight felt I was on top of the world,the thing I wasn't proud of was I had an affair on my husband, seemed like i couldn't enough sex, they placed me in the hospital, carried on an affair with another patient, that passed, now it's 2011 and my... (5 replies)
... Your honesty is wonderful, as is his. BE CAREFUL!!!! Herpes is very contagious, even with treatment. Valtrex does not prevent anything! It cuts down on the number of outbreaks but, even if he is outbreak free, you can still contract the disease! And it is the gift that keeps on giving for the rest of your life!!! Use condoms...No matter what!!! (i'm a bipolar... (6 replies)
... I think she wrote it down. I know for a fact Zoloft gave me mania. When I was on that one night I stayed up all night long and had sex with my husband, like 50 times, in all different parts of the house! ... (9 replies)
... stressed going threw this with my husband of 24 years.About 5 years ago his personality started to change. no matter what he bought and he bought 2 vehicles and sex no matter what i did it wouldnt make him happy he would mope around like he lost his best friend. ... (2 replies)

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