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... of the time we have a great time and our bonded beyond words. It's just those rare moments when an argument starts. I read in a bipolar book last night that a bipolars ability to handle arguments is not that great. That helped me tremendously. ... (12 replies)
... h for her. That hurts badly and it may make her leave. I would hope that is not the case. But, if she was happy that is what matters. I know she loves me and my bipolar is very mild. I will never give up on her or myself for that matter. Never give up!!!!! love conquers all. Even this goofy brain chemistry that I have. ... (12 replies)
... I was diagnosed mild bipolar about a year ago and have been on medication for this with great results! I am struggling with one thing though and wanted your input. ... (12 replies)

... Thanks for the response. She really loves me so much. And arguments are going to happen. It just seems that the arguments even if molehills are Everest to me. I do love her so much though that her words and tone can be swords to me. If I didn't care it wouldn't matter. ... (12 replies)
... ily. This came as a shock. Ever since, he has not been himself. The dr has changed his meds but he is still not back to being himself. He starts getting into arguments over anything. He'll start yelling at me and belittles me. He has gotten into physical arguments with his father. ... (3 replies)
... panic since 16. I am now 36. Not once has the term Bipolar been used in regards to me by a medical professional. But someone mentioned the term "soft bipolar" to me yesterday and I started to look up some info on it. ... (0 replies)
... alcohol addictions that usually is a red flag for most practitioners to look into BP. But like I said....there are people who are Bipolar without a family history. BTW....what seemed to happen just before your son's worst symptoms? ... (685 replies)
... Just some words of advise..... After an argument, don't ASSUME anything.....carry on as usual....I know, nearly impossible.....AT FIRST!....... Try not to fret and'll just make yourself tired.....;) When you get a phone call, your life COULD continue, as though you had a little bump in the road....the argument is over, done, as if it didn't happen. Do I... (12 replies)
... Are you talking about dwelling... If so I do this to myself ALL THE TIME! I"m bipolar 1 and have been for as long as I can remember and this is the one trait that I have a hard time controlling... ... (12 replies)
... years. I've known he was bipolar for a long time but never really understood what it was. He's not really good about taking his meds, instead he would smoke bud, he said that helped him better. ... (1 replies)
... I guess I felt compelled to write all this because of your comment about your husband. I think it is really tough for men to understand the whole concept of bipolar disorder. And it doesn't help that it is called a mood disorder. ... (685 replies)
Bipolar or no
Jan 10, 2010
... because I am such a mellow person so much of the time but sometimes it's like something just "snaps" and I am a totally different and angry person. Mainly just arguments at this point but I'm afraid someday I might really hit someone and get myself into real trouble. ... (2 replies)
Jul 3, 2007
... ll out and I just am going to have to prepare for her to be not be happy about the guidelines we have in place but I am going to try my best not to engage in any arguments with far as I am concerned we have already made our compromise in terms of having a BF. ... (37 replies)
... worst thing for me is trying to explain that i can change from hour to hour day to day etc. i got to a point were i realised i cant keep a job, i walk out, cause arguments i am just difficult so i have given up thinking about going to get a job. ... (5 replies)
... I decided to respond to you via email since words can be misinterpreted and arguments ensue which none of us want to happen. ... (685 replies)
... affected by peer pressure. She never drank until she turned 21 and now has a glass of wine every couple months!! I honestly can't recall ever having any major arguments with her. Amazing. ... (685 replies)
... Only a quick reply as I'm in work at mo so apologies... but, yup!! I am diagnosed BP 2 and fully identify with everything you have described - the constant quests, the obsessiveness, the immediate dropping of arguments on my say so and then acting that nothing ever happened, the impulstivity, never feeling satisified even when I get what I think I need, even being called... (2 replies)
... Hi Don't know if this will help at all but there are several reasons I shut people out - one is because things I've told people in the past have become public knowledge, two is because I've had people who are supposedly close to me throw my illness/past behaviour/difficulties in my life in my face during arguments or disagreements and three is because I find the lack of... (6 replies)
... Is there a full moon or something because there seems to be a redundancy of this subject (including my situation). I don't know if I'm the best to give you advice but I feel for you so I felt compelled. There are so many issues that could be present. I've learned that it's not always the BP/illness even though I've caught myself blaming all the negative behaviors on... (21 replies)
Aug 7, 2003
... into huge arguments that jump from one thing to another. Sometimes I dont even know what my objective is in the argument, but I make things up in my head. ... (1 replies)

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