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... I've been wanting to see if anyone can who has been definitely diagnosed as bipolar can answer this. If a person is bipolar, do they tend to get worse with the moon? ... (5 replies)
... refering to was for my bipolar meds. She is a Pyschiatic nurse practioner. ... (55 replies)
... I Tryed To Read Take 2 But I Am So Tired....i Am Ms Lainie, My Son Mikey Now 16 Is Bipolar And On Meds Which Worked So I Thought. He Has Been In And Out Of Psy Hospitals, School Really Is On Me For His Days Out. ... (7 replies)

... Ok, I hope you keep feeling better, now that spring is finally here, I think most of us bipolar folks will have an easier time for a few months anyhow.. ... (18 replies)
... It seems like I was able to cope with being bipolar until a point where the stresses in my life got to be too much. Which happened after I had a hysterectomy and then more surgeries and procedures after it because it had been botched. ... (5 replies)
... Now I Am Not Bipolar However, My Hormone Inbalance And Gyn Problems Did Make Me Crazy To Say Least Once A Month. So They Gave My A Complete Hysterectomy Last May And I Have A Totally New Respect For Bipolar. I Am 41 And Without My Hormone Med. I Am Worse Then My Bipolar Son And Adhd Daughter Combined.... ... (3 replies)
... Hi Lily! Welcome to the board! I just wanted to ask you about the statement that you've written regarding sometimes during the month that you feel like crying. Have you been to a good gynecologist in the past few months? I do remember myself at that age laughing on the outside and crying on the inside and alot of the time it would coincide with my monthly period. I also... (4 replies)
... Is it possible for surgery to "bring out" the bipolar in someone? ... (5 replies)
... Lilly, We had just moved here to NC 10 yrs ago, so I had to get all new doctors, that was a bit stressful and scary. But I came here armed with reccomendations from my old docs. I have many different surgeons that did my varying surgeries i'll give you a breakdown; Nissan Fundoplication & hyatal hernia repair: Internist Gall Bladder removal: Internist 2 C sections... (18 replies)
... Wow! We really do have a lot in common, I can't believe you had endo, too. I don't know much about migraines or seizure disorders, but I'm sure that's really hard to deal with, do you have specific triggers that can set you off, like loud noises or bright lights? Have you had any (female) problems since your hysterectomy? I know I will have to have one, but I'm just... (18 replies)
Is this bipolar?
Sep 1, 2008
... perly diagnosed and on medication, the right medication and the right dose, I am doing much better. There are still bad times, I have very bad depression with my bipolar disorder but I do have those highs too. ... (1 replies)
... I am bipolar and take HRT's. I am 36 years old. I was diagnosed as bipolar at 25 and had a complete hysterectomy at 26. I have been offering myself up for studies for years to Johns Hopskins, Mayo, Harvard, NYU, name it. ... (55 replies)
... You sound so much like me! I now believe that the hysterectomy did have something to do with the BP showing up. ... (5 replies)
... for years I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and then all of a sudden 10 years ago when I was having mood swings prior to my hysterectomy that I was bipolar II along with it. Now here it is 10 years later and I still have the mood swings and wonder if all I need is soy? ... (7 replies)
... I did think about acupuncture at one time (my priest actually suggested it!). I am currently seeing a holistic nurse practitioner who specializes in hormonal imbalance; depression; bio-identical hormones, nutrition, etc. etc. The psych nurse practitioner I am seeing is actually the closest I have come to hitting the nail on the head. I've tried so many meds and right now,... (5 replies)
... Hi Ruth I've been taking Estratest for about 6 years now. I haven't seen a gynecologist (but should have) in that time frame, and will see one this September for the first time about my HRT meds and getting the HRT changed or stopped. I've been doing a lot of reading over the net, and in books at the library, from what I've read, it is not good to be on those drugs... (55 replies)
... TinoRock, If only my Dr had told me this... my life may not had fallen apart. I had a full Hysterectomy at age 44, (10/09). By 6/10 I was having an internet affair behind my husby's back. I left him in Nov, following an illusion. Long story short, I only took the HRT for a few months. During my short departure, I ended up very ill, being hospitalized. Then, straight from... (6 replies)
... Hello all, I thank you for reading my first post. I have a HUGE problem. I have been dx'd for 15 years & I am in a long term relationship. We have been together for 12 years now, and I absolutely cannot control myself financially. I have a payee. When I get money, I spend it all the same day. I went and got a credit card behind my man's back, and charged it up in a week! A... (2 replies)
... hope to, well done to you for kicking the habit of smoking. i always say to people that 'when my desire to live is stronger than my desire to die' i'll give them up, that usually shuts them up fairly quickly! they are astonishingly expensive here and if i were to give them up it would be financial reasons which i think would make it harder as i have no desire to be a... (4 replies)
... Hi Seaturtle & Irish! I am really beside myself this year. I haven't had a cigarette for over 5 months now and I haven't had a drink for nearly 25 years so I know what my Frankinsteins are. I have been on these two meds for a few months now and I still am a psychological wreck. I usually talk fast when I'm nervous or excited. I know that I have for 12 years been given to... (4 replies)

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