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... Tried LSD once and never did it again. Never tried mushrooms and although I really wanted to I never tried Ecstacy. ... (16 replies)
... Where do I start... I feel mixed up a lot, and often times I'll find it difficult to keep a straight thought. Other times I'll get one thing on my mind and won't be able to stop thinking about it no matter how hard I try. When I start talking I'll forget what I'm talking about and discontinue mid sentence. Other times I'll not be able to pick the right word when I'm... (16 replies)
... s, I agree. Serotonin is not to be messed with, as it is a powerful vasoconstrictor, it is related to sleep disorders and halucination. I saw a documentary about LSD experiments in the 1960's, it's a serotonin releaser and because it had a mood lifting effect, this lead to the development of serotonin drugs. ... (17 replies)

... d" who does not have his best interest at heart, these people have spent time in prison for murder, drugs, etc. I may not be correct here, but don't people with bipolar disorder also have additive traits? ... (11 replies)
... correct, being bipolar is difficult enough with out creating additional problems. You are young and a certain amount of naivete is understandable but being bipolar requires additional maturity and a stronger dedication to self care than an average healthy 18 year old requires. Wake up, grow up. ... (11 replies)
... I am almost positive that the medication will not affect the baby in any way. I've never heard of drugs a father has taken doing anything to a baby, unless it was LSD. I don't think you have a thing to worry about there. It is hard living with a BP spouse. I'm sorry you are going through this right now, especially with you pregnant. Is he taking his meds? When my husband is... (10 replies)
... My twin sis has extreme parinoia when she is manic, but she is also multiple and a heavy drug user (extasy, mushrooms, LSD and now meth). She did tend to come back to certain things that were in the past during her manic episodes, but I always assumed this was just the mania. She also believes that the gov is after the US citizens and that cell phone towers are used to brain... (10 replies)
... I know meds are not the exact same thing as LSD but the neurotransmitter effected is the same... ... (16 replies)
... they're all so alive and vibrant. I feel sexy and exciting, wanted and excited. I also have felt paranoid and fearful that I'd been poisoned with LSD to produce the effects I was feeling. ... (7 replies)
... like symptoms. If you had mood swings long before your addiction, I'd say that you were probably primed for bipolar disorder, and the Paxil made it break through. ... (29 replies)
... n how to deal, such as going directly to bed, staying in contact with family and friends, taking sedatives if needed, but sleep is critical in these. But if the bipolar goes into it and loses sight of the here and now, it's purely biological then that is when the trouble starts. ... (0 replies)
... We have had many ups and downs and I am coming to the realization that he is Bipolar, and alot of things make sense now. He has told me of his past of very bad LSD trips and other drug addictions. ... (5 replies)
Sep 19, 2004
... Well trust me if you haven't slept in a week, you are either bipolar I or schizoaffective bipolar type (i). Seroquel is crap. It MADE me hallucinate. When I opened my eyes, everything would briefly be purple, objects would move around in eddies (can you say lsd?), & i would see tiny shadow versions of comets shoot around. BTW I'm a bipolar type ii & i don't get... (4 replies)
... T neurological condition someone has, your personality and temperament also has a LOT to do with whether you take things out on others or not. Not everybody with bipolar has rages that affect others, for example. ... (15 replies)
Medicine options
Nov 12, 2006
... I am currently on no meds. I take 6000 milligrams of fish oil a day. It helps some. I have been Bipolar since the age of 18. I was diagnosed in the army after I attempted suicide. This was brought on by 6 months or so of weekend lsd usage. ... (2 replies)
... I have to start off saying that I'm almost 18, a senior in HS, female & a resident of a small town, with a close circle of friends. I'm writing because I've been a liar for nearly 4 years, and I need help, have no idea what to say, who to turn to, or what to do. Please help if you can. I know it is a lot of reading and I may be being a pain but I really would... (10 replies)

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