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Is it bipolar?
Apr 23, 2006
... nd i am using the resources I find available.... I was diagnosed in Nov. Bp with Ptsd but she also told me manic depressive but you will see that that is part of bipolar it's all in the same if your biploar 1 and then there's bipolar 2 let me know what you think? ... (9 replies)
... but that's symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder as well. The therapist I went to for an intake told me "honey i have been doing this for 30 years you are bipolar I"..just from reading my history. I'm rather aggravated at the whole situation. ... (24 replies)
... Hmmm. Usually bipolar isn't diagnosed when someone does illicit drugs. Note that I am not judging you in any way. ... (24 replies)

... June 2009, I was 'officially' diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I first heard the name in 2007, but didn't believe I could have it. By the time I was officially diagnosed, I truly believed I had bipolar disorder. ... (6 replies)
... years ago I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with PTSD, Anxiety and Bipolar after I had experienced a very traumatic event. I stopped taking Bipolar medication because I didn't feel like I had it. ... (1 replies)
... I suppose I am new to the whole concept of bipolar disorder. ... (3 replies)
... Hello, I feel so happy to have found this board, it was actually by accident, I couldnt believe my good luck. I've made some posts already and told a bit of my history, but just for the record: I'm 19 and have been clinically diagnosed with rapid cycling bipolar disorder 2 1/2 years ago, following 5 years of veritable hell - you've heard the story: drugs, alcohol, failing... (2 replies)
... anger is due to the bipolar. I would NOT take lamictal since you're pregnant. This is going to be a really tough battle for you. You have the bipolar plus the hormones throwing you all over the place. You have a battle to win for that baby. Call your Dr. Call your therapist. ... (3 replies)
... Bipolar one is defined as having manic episodes, and usually, but not always, depressive episodes. Bipolar two is far more depressive in nature, with hypo-manic episodes. Manic episodes usually involve things like risk taking behavior, excessive, sexual promiscuity, feelings of grandeur, intense creativity, etc. Hypo-manic episodes are milder, and while they can be... (9 replies)
... As I read these threads I am more convinced the "suspicion of bipolar" diagnosis that my 16 year olds doctor gave her is more accurate. She was previously (for over 10 years) been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD and depression. I have been medicating her and taking her to therapy for years. Still her symptoms continue and her behaviors have grown worse and more risky over the... (24 replies)
... Yes, look at any list of the symptoms for Mania and you will see hypersexuality or promiscuity. Not everyone who is bipolar has this symptom but it is definitely not an "excuse" - it is a symptom of his brain's chemical imbalance. (3 replies)
... In my past when the BP was undiagnosed, I was spending the money and into the sexual promiscuity and no I am not very proud of it. ... (5 replies)
... Harmony, Here is some information that might help you out that I took right from a book I am reading on the subject. The manic phase may last from days to months and include the following symptoms: Elevated mood Racing thoughts Hyperactivity Increased energy Lack of self-control (20 replies)
... nds out that you are reading her text messages, she will never ever trust please dont let her know. alot ,of this stuff is normal teenage stuff. but, the promiscuity is definitly something that cant be ignored. .my daughter is 18 and most of her friends are not virgins.. ... (685 replies)
... Sexual promiscuity is a big symptom for many people who are in the manic phase of the disorder. Not EVERYone is, but it's listed in all the symptom lists I've ever seen. ... (2 replies)
... her convincing the pdoc to get her off depakote and only be on abilify, the fact that her promiscuity started AFTER getting of the depakote, and the fact that her pdoc doesn't even know about some of my sister's "up" times.... ... (21 replies)
... in this situation is to get the Bipolar spouse stabilized on meds... ... (10 replies)
... Hey Thickman, just a reminder that promiscuity IS a widely recognized symptom of Bipolar Disorder. Not in EVERY Bipolar, but it is always mentioned in a list of BP symptoms. ... (12 replies)
... term bipolar diagnoses on a problem I'm having. ... (3 replies)
... ng from the tranquilizers, and now, without meds or drugs or anything for over two years, I see life completely differently and MIGHT just have that mild form of bipolar disorder called cyclothymia that Ruth was talking about. ... (7 replies)

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