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... isodes, in a mild form" I have never been hospitalized for behavior, that would endanger myself, or other, or done very damaging outrageous, behavior, typical of Bipolar I people. Like being a sex maniac, and ending up in Las Vegas, pennyless, etc. ... (2 replies)
... painful divorce, loss of a job, maybe death of a spouse or child. And that twin develops BP. It's like something flicks the switch and now the wiring in place kicks in. Makes sense to me. ... (7 replies)
... month is much better than getting a divorce because your spouse can't deal with the rapid cycling. And unfortunately that's the road that many BP'ers face when they don't take their meds or get the help they need. ... (12 replies)

... I am new here and right now going through a BP phase. It is really traumatic, I must say. I have read a lot on it but things don't work out unless your spouse or people close to you provide the right support or are even aware of what kind of support to provide. ... (2 replies)
... When my husband is not medicated, he almost always threatens divorce or separation. ... (10 replies)
... YEAH, I will argue ALWAYS that the decision to divorce FINALIZED during a manic time is ALWAYS a wrong one. You simply shouldn't make major decisions like that while manic. Do you disagree? ... (40 replies)
... thanks so much i guess i really needed to hear that. wow it has been a long time - don't know how you deal w/ it? it's been about a year and 1/2 but the episodes only lasted foe about 6-8 weeks last time about 7 months abgo we went through this and it lasted right at 8- he's on his 6th week now- i thought maybe he was coming down somewhat? well i think the PI story was... (1098 replies)
... I have recently experienced the worse manic siege from my spouse, and this cycle of mania lasted 7 very, very long, torturous, hellish months. I was served with divorce papers, as many of us spouses of unmedicated Bper's are, he cheated and acted out much worse and for a longer time this go. ... (1098 replies)
... ay want to stop his meds at some point,don't let him. He can change to a different med if this one isn't doing the job as a mood stablizer. Lot's of new meds for bipolar now,risperdal is an older med,proven to work.You going to the doctor's with him when he goes is good. You can tell her how his moods are,better than he can. ... (21 replies)
... Not sure how I'm going to make it through therapy and beat this with him always telling me that I'm just lazy, have poor character and am constantly waiting for divorce papers. ... (2 replies)
... Dear Eyes: Love your posts and insight; it is invaluable. I am in the middle of obtaining a legal separation instead of the divorce. Main reason is economics; I/we don't have an extra $10-20,000 hanging around. I've filled out my disclosures. He has an appointment to do his Monday and that will be followed by a meeting with the both of us to draw up a legal... (34 replies)
... My spouse is an unmedicated bipolar, who is currently in his sixth month of manic. ... (22 replies)
... He believes that the spouse should come befor the children and it is not right to have to pay taxes or child support. ... (7 replies)
... feel you have a little anger about your BPer friend here.....and righty so....You have every right to to support Marsh and Bear for evey miss conduct that their spouse did to them...And your friend to you.... ... (1098 replies)
... even though my spouse did not want to separate or divorce after he cycled down. ... (1098 replies)
... t takes to make this work!!!!! gosh i want to hear those words so bad... it's killing me.... cause deep down i know he loves me and misses me and does not want a divorce but now i'am even doubting that? ... (1098 replies)
... hi, in your response have you seperated from a bi-polar spouse? i have been livning in a pure night mare for 3 months now and my husband just left again. i feel as if i can't breathe and him moving out he will get the divorce papers going and cause more damage to our marriage cause he's in a manic mood now- we really haven't tried he blames me and says hurtful things and he... (239 replies)
... I don't know that there are any statistics out there on the rate of divorce in marriages where one spouse is bipolar, but I doubt it's a lot worse than the general population which is really high right now. I believe several on this board have had long marriages... ... (9 replies)
... GREAT post! xmascarol This almost echos my feeling when my wife is sick. We men do not read minds. I have trouble reading a map and asking directions. :D (9 replies)
... I have learned through years of experience with my own bipolar disorder that others don't process information the same way "I" do. ... (9 replies)

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