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... Ok...if you have read my other topic, you'll know that my Boyfriend is Bipolar and that I love him madly.! ... (6 replies)
... isodes, in a mild form" I have never been hospitalized for behavior, that would endanger myself, or other, or done very damaging outrageous, behavior, typical of Bipolar I people. Like being a sex maniac, and ending up in Las Vegas, pennyless, etc. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, having Bipolar Disorder and being in a successful relationship is possible! I will say that taking the right medicine to treat Bipolar and staying on it is essential. ... (36 replies)

... Aussie : What an excellent suggestion for bipolar partners to do for their spouse/partner. Truly,this would help them to "Look Back" at their past actions,so that they least,"Look Foward" to dealing with their episodes in a postive way. Perhaps if a BPer learns to "drop their pride" with this "disorder",and be honest with their issures (and write it down);then postive... (19 replies)
... in this situation is to get the Bipolar spouse stabilized on meds... ... (10 replies)
... gosh lol you sound like apro cause i'am doing all those things and it's exhausting me. i guess we have our good days w/ our bad huh? i kno i need to keep walking til he gets the help he needs cause i can't do anything about it and hopefully i've haven't walked too far in the process and he can catch up w/ me right? i just wish my heart will follow me along the way but it seems... (34 replies)
... You seem to have questions as to where your spouse is in his cycle. With mine, there was no grey areas. ... (34 replies)
... I think any spouse who deals with a Bipolar Spouse who is doing any kind of cycliing needs to have, or develop, a VERY thick skin. ... (11 replies)
... ndiagnosed. I went to the Pdoc when hubby threatened to leave me because my mood was so out of control, I was suicidal and lots of other things. Diagnosed with Bipolar disorder 1 and have been on numerous medications since then. ... (4 replies)
... I've kind of got the flip side of this situation, but have some things that have worked for me somewhat (varying degrees) and thought I'd try to share. My wife is actually a resident psychiatrist, working 80-90 hour weeks and often times it's very difficult to get some of that much needed support during rougher times. It seems counter-intuitive given that she works with... (10 replies)
... taken the initiative to learn alot about this illness and has been a wonderful support for me! I am so grateful for him, he's a Godsend for sure! I had asked my spouse to attend doc appt.'s with me but his view on the field is quite negative. ... (11 replies)
... Hey, Aussie: That is a good idea re: writing the letter. However, in my case - after a legal separation, loosing trust and relationship with his child and losing a marriage, homelife, and moving from the house, he still does not acknowledge or accept he has bipolar. Today, he does say he is sorry but blames it all on being stupid and selfish. Bipolar, in his... (19 replies)
... PLEASE tell me where I can go to talk about spouses of individuals with bipolar disorder. I have some books but it seems like the classic situation where the spouse is supposed to walk on eggshells and do everything for the bp spouse and praise them highly for their behavior and create a clean, routinized environment. ... (6 replies)
... The best thing your spouse can do is to learn all he can about bipolar. ... (8 replies)
... my bipolar father who, for many years, did not take responsibility for his bipolar. ... (19 replies)
... You surely are "4support". To answer your first big question...I feel that a BPer has to come to "grips" with BP from a up front and honest view point. Medications are extreamly important,and to be 100% consistant with them. Then accepting the dx with a postive knowledge that you can live a happy and normal life. Once,the BPer can do this,they can learn to be optimistic about... (19 replies)
... bipolar spouse is currently in a manic episode. ... (24 replies)
... It is VERY important regardless of which kind of illness you think you may have, whether it possibly be PTSD, major depression only, or bipolar I or bipolar II, that you be evaluated thoroughly by a professional. ... (7 replies)
Bipolar 7 Year Old
Oct 15, 2006
... rked in Pediatrics and thought something like this would be easy to handle but unlike a physical disease that has a specific treatment that works rather quickly, Bipolar is a whole different thing. ... (9 replies)
... Learning about bipolar makes me think that I have this. ... (37 replies)

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