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... Kat, Here is the e-mail my vestibular therapist sent as to what will be done: "What I'll be doing is having you perform different head movements and position changes and rate your dizziness. To check for the benign positional vertigo I have you sitting on an exam table, turn your head 45 degrees to one side and lie quickly onto your back. If the test is positive, I... (16 replies)
... And 280lbs. She Is Adhd Was On Concerta And That Was Suppose To Help Her Loose It Never Did. But Now They Put Her On Topamax For Vertigo And Her Adhd And She Is More Active And Lost Weight, So Everyone Different. ... (20 replies)
... Thanks, Ben. I noticed in your signature that you've been diagnosed with BPII. How did your pdoc appointment today go? Were you put on any anti-anxiety meds? If you already created a thread, I apologize. I haven't read the rest of the board yet. (16 replies)

... I hope dreams that this vertigo will pass for you. Sounds like odds are good that it will. Good luck with the procedure. ... (16 replies)
... Kat, Did that treatment help your mother's vertigo? (16 replies)
... Is that where they move your head to turn the crystal's in your ears? My mother in law had that done, when she had really bad vertigo. kat (16 replies)
... Hi everyone, Someone on an e-mail list for cochlear implant users wrote to me and said that based on my symptoms, it sounds like I have benign proximal positional vertigo (BPPV). I sent my cochlear implant surgeon an e-mail to ask him about this. He agrees and believes this is the cause of my dizziness and nausea. He would like me to see a vestibular therapist and... (16 replies)
... le whammy because I have this weird disease, I guess you'd call it, that has a loooonnnnngggg medical name so I have no idea what it's called and it's kinda like Vertigo but it requires I drink a lot of water and eat salty food all the time... ... (383 replies)
... Hi Picali, Thanks for clarifying that. In our case, it's both of our disabilities that come into play. I also have a mood my case it's not BP...just plain ole chronic depression. I happen to respond well to a combo of Effexor SR (150 mg) and Wellbutrin (also 150 mg) and I add 4 to 5, 1-hour gym sessions a week to that (never underestimate the power of... (21 replies)
... I am bipolar with rapid cycling, haven't been able to get the right mix of meds to get stablized in 9 years! ... (1 replies)
... ozac. He Went Off Deep End And In Hospital. I Been Thru Many Psy's, Psy Hopital's And I Did As Much Research As I Can. My Daughter Is Adhd. I Found That Adhd And Bipolar Have Symptoms That Do Over Lap. I Didnt Know You Could Have Both. However Now My Daughter 13, May Be Showing Symptoms Of Bipolar. ... (7 replies)
... Help! Oh gosh please someone, anyone out there please respond. I have Bipolar I Mixed with Rapid Cycling and one of my new meds is destabilizing me! I believe it's the Trazodone and here's why... ... (2 replies)
... i was diagnosed Bipolar 2 years back after a major 'manic' or pshycotic episode, not sure which one is correct. ... (0 replies)
Waking from a coma
Mar 29, 2006
... hi. this is my first post. I guess I should mention that I have bipolar, along with social anxiety. I take 375mg of effexor and 1250 mg of epival. I'm 24 now and since I have been 14, my chronic oversleeping has been getting worse. lately I have been unemplyed and my sleep has been exceeding 24 hrs, up to 40 hours, only waking several times and finding myself too physicaly... (0 replies)
... Lamictal is a marvelous drug for treating "stability " in bipolar disorder. ... (46 replies)
... a pleasent sight ! I was not only sick, but I also had Vertigo ! ... (4 replies)
... have you checked out sampowskis post she mentions vertigo. course you could just need glasses. maybe it is the bipolar or the meds. i get a bit dizzy sometimes under stress and sometimes i get the thing where reality slows and seems different.or is that just me? ... (1 replies)

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