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... I was on buspar for a year and a half. ... (3 replies)
... I can't remember where though, that a side effect of Lexapro was weight gain and the craving of carbohydrates. ... (3 replies)
... bipolar, bpd. Been on many diff meds but am extremely sensitive to most so I tend to get the worst of the side effects. About 6 months ago I started celexa and buspar with seroquel at bedtime, at start I weighed 155, two weeks ago I weighed 197. Went to my psychiatrist and switched from celexa to luvox. ... (3 replies)

... I think with ANY anti depressant if your going to be prone to weight gain it will happen no matter which one you are on..... ... (3 replies)
Loss of appetite
Apr 26, 2009
... depressants can cause weight gain. ... (74 replies)
Apr 11, 2005
... OCD! Long story short.......been depressed my whole life, im 33. Been on every anti depressant you can imagine. On Lamictal for a month. SCARED TO DEATH, to gain weight, i too suffered from eating disorder and the mental part stays with me!!!! I gained weight on Celexa, and took me forever to lose the weight. ... (56 replies)
... As a side note, or question I should say....I have not really noticed a weight gain on depakote. All of the research I have done all but guaranteed a weight gain. Although I have been MUCH more hungry lately, I haven't really gained weight. ... (5 replies)
... I am afraid to change medication for the fear of weight gain. I cannot get any bigger. I am trying to loose weight, not gain it. ... (6 replies)
... I take Topamax, Buspar, Abilify, and Wellbutrin XL along with Lorzephan when needed. The Abilify was the drug that really pulled me out of the slump when I was severely manic back in 2003. Back in 2002 I had just began taking my bipolar meds, and the pdoc was just beginning to increase the Topamax (mood stabilizer) and Wellbutrin XL (antidepressant) at that time. He... (5 replies)
... e life. I have been on all kinds of antidepressants since i was 17. Currently i am on WellbutrinXL and Buspar. I cannot handle side effects.............mainly weight gain and sexual side effects. So most of the time i am down..........i am extremely obsessive with my weight.......... ... (4 replies)
Loss of appetite
Apr 26, 2009
... Does buspar or any antidepressents cause weight gain? ... (74 replies)
... But he never paid a cent for my son anyways. My pdoc has added a dose of clonazapen in the daytime, he says it will help boost the Buspar and he thinks it will help with the SH, because I'll stay calmer and not so upset and worried and crying all day. We'll see. ... (70 replies)
... rant away!! that is what this board is for. hope your combo of meds helps. si too last night but trying not to beat myself up about it. haven't appointment with pdoc but he is supposed to be checking on possible new meds for me. am seeing tdoc today and she is a lovely, kind person so hopefully that will go well. she said she'd copy notes from recent si seminar for me which i... (223 replies)
... ish each morning and add Remeron which I've used before but stopped because of weight gain. I've agreed to try it agaiin because I'm on a totally different cocktail then last time and I'm getting desperate. ... (223 replies)
Epival help?!
Jan 29, 2009
... the meds are going to have some kind of "side effect" so you might as well give this one a try and see how it goes. The fact is that in 2 to 3 weeks even if you gain some weight your not going to gain a ton in that small time. ... (8 replies)
... In most cases it's the latter, you just can't burn the calories. Most people as soon as the realize they are gaining weight try everything to lose it, but it's almost impossible. I gained 12 lbs. from Seroquel and so far have only lost 3 lbs of's hard to get rid of it. ... (223 replies)

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