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... I can hear in your words how much that man has scarred your thoughts. ... (37 replies)
... l my past bfs understand and want to help, but I was a megalomaniac and found so many things wrong with them..when in reality I was just upset and scared that my bipolar would eventually push them away anyways! ... (11 replies)
... My bf is probably bipolar and goes through some rapid cycling at times, so I'm looking at this from the perspective of someone loving a bipolar person. ... (25 replies)

... Marsh, although anyone can fall out of love, it's so hard to judge when the person has this condition affecting their behavior. I wonder if they can really feel love when they're agitated. I'm not bipolar but when I am really agitated or depressed, it's hard to feel anything. ... (1098 replies)
... Well, I was fired for going home today. I get upset about things too, but I cry at work and that's why I get fired, too. "Normal" people probably consider me irresponsible and lazy...but the truth is, I work myself to the max at every job trying to be the best I can be. I'm far from lazy. Sigh... ... (4 replies)
... from both sides and i didnt know what to think!!!! I probably shouldnt respond because im not sure if it will help that much i just had to share how i feel as a bipolar person. ... (188 replies)
... I've wondered the same thing my whole life. I'm 16 years old, and my dad has bipolar disorder. My parents were married for 19 years and my mom used to beg for him to stop screaming, then he would say okay I'll go on medication.. ... (188 replies)
... I look back on it now and wonder what i was thinking. Now, I can't lie to anyone. So, I don't believe this is something that bipolar people have to live with. ... (2 replies)
... t fall out of love overnight? ... (188 replies)
... I have spoken to many bipolar people by now who did and do to their partners what has been done to us. They DO love their person. I know it's hard to believe for you and me when we use logic...when we love someone we don't belittle them and make them feel like crap. ... (188 replies)
... I just read a post that was very upetting someone classed all bipolars in the same catagory. I've been bipolar since 87, I have been with my husband for 31 years, I have always managed the money and paid the bills. I had a full time career. ... (6 replies)
... I can honestly say that with Borderline on top of Bipolar, you will end up exploding. Borderline basically amplifies all emotions in a person. ... (239 replies)
... I am seeing how determinanation can rule over mood swings and all that good stuff. ... (239 replies)
... Dee, I just want to say that I am thinking of you. I am going through similar anguish but am not married. Still, the love remains and I miss the person I knew but I don't miss the mean spirited person he turned into, bipolar or not. ... (1098 replies)
... (15 replies)
... e end of the school day my daughter unloaded all her crap on me or other family members. There is often cursing and is very difficult to live with a Bipolar child because when they are unmedicated they are often impossible to live with and affect every family member. ... (15 replies)
... Im glad my story could be of some help. Being bipolar and having to deal with this for the rest of our life. Bipolar can ruin relationships with love ones and really we don't mean to. Even if the person says they don't need no one they really do. ... (11 replies)
... on this Board,who have shared their thoughts,hopes,feelings and opinions about Bipolar disorder. ... (19 replies)
... e times. I've seen it time and time again in my experience when my spouse will be downright hateful to me and my child, then turn on a dime and be as nice as he can with the neighbor.t. It CAN be controlled and they choose to treat us this way, and that makes it even more sinister. ... (188 replies)
... I was a teacher for 5 yrs and i don't know if i can handle being one and i don't know what to do? ... (9 replies)

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