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... something that should've happened but didn't. Then I feel angry with those who were responsible for letting me down, one of which is a parent. ... (13 replies)
... ch, much more common is hypomania, the lesser extreme of mania, which often presents as agitation, irritability, uncontrolled feelings of rage or anger, problems with sleep. ... (13 replies)
... y I have a hard time thinking before speaking and this adds more frustration to the situation... I can't communicate and I become silent so I turn away and deal with it myself.. I haven't found a way out of that stage, I just can't get it out! ... (13 replies)

... ve read my posts on my thread about it. Perhaps it's only that my friend is really irritated with the world and might be taking it out on me. I would love to hear more about how you feel when that is happening. ... (13 replies)
... I don't totally turn off on my friends and withdraw like your friend. I will talk with them briefly, stay friendly, but just not be in contact for very long. ... (13 replies)
... I hope that you're having a better day. It's hard for me right now to help anyone. Dealing with my issues is draining and I wish that I could help more for you. I'm sorry that you are still struggling and I hope you can get out of it soon. ... (13 replies)
... Sorry Seaturtle, I've been occupied with dealing with myself and others. I just saw this post, and thank you so much for the others. Well, you know what? ... (13 replies)
... l down and decided to take a little time to sit and count my blessings, even if I don't feel that way. I also called a friend on the phone who's been struggling with cancer, State 3, and now they've found it in the bone marrow. That set me right back on my heels. Perspective. ... (13 replies)
... What I am having great difficulty with is just waves of irritability coming over me when I just feel as if I hate everyone and everything. ... (13 replies)
... Dee-nah, thatís nice what you said about my friend not wanting to hurt me on purpose. That makes me feel a lot better and Iím finally starting to believe it. My friend is also very sensitive to others and Iím sure he felt very bad after I told him how hurt I was on my birthday, which Iím really sorry for. But from talking to people on here, Iím really starting to understand... (13 replies)
... and TRY to remember that this is a FUNK this is not who you are and you do not feel this way all the time! I try and tell myself when I get in these moods that it's only temporary.... (13 replies)
... Thats how I'm feeling too. Coming out of depression but slipping back and forth between it. The whole time very irritable and snapping at everyone and everything. I myself am not this way...just can't help it. And of course I have an extremely hard time thinking before speaking or acting so it gets me in trouble a lot. As well as hurts pples feelings. Seaturtle we are very... (13 replies)
... Thanks, Tony, You said the first day - does this abate as the hypomania goes on? (What an odd question...) And I guess I'll find out, too, sigh. Seaturtle (13 replies)
... I can get that way. Normally it is the first day of being mind is just going so fast that everyone else seems slow and that irritates me. That is when the xanax helps.... (13 replies)
... In work, I am facing a redundancy situation and am not coping with it at all. To add to this, my husband has gone away for a week so I'm all alone, and it's Mothers Day in the UK and my mum died. ... (1 replies)
... am delighted for you. what a relief to able to see pdoc that you are comfortable with and he sounds like a keeper. that must be a 'load off your mind'. ... (16 replies)
... I met with my old pdoc today and my appointment went very, very well. ... (16 replies)
... you must be absolutely delighted with such progress. it is good to take regular doses of klonopin and head anxiety off at the pass. i too find that if i take it in time my anxiety eases a lot more. ... (43 replies)
... agitated and didn't want to spend the entire day in bed only for my sleep schedule to be thrown off again. My pdoc had alot of good things to say during my appt with him. ... (43 replies)
... i hope everythings well for you now, i missed a nights worth of doses once when i was on risperdal, lamictal and celexa and i went crazy. i couldnt sleep and people were screaming at me. that night reminds me that i have to take my medicine kind of like an alarm LOL ive heard everyone talk about how much medicine theyve been on before they found the right ones and i just hope... (223 replies)

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