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... I was in the midst of depression for the first five years of my bipolar (though it was prediagnosis, Mom and I agree that it was set off by my parents's divorce - I'm seventeen now but I was ten at the time), I was emotionally numb as well. Very depressed but at the same time, inable to actually feel the depression. I convinced myself that I was fine and built up a wall... (4 replies)
... i don't think he likes the emotional distance i'am putting between us cause he wouldn't keep reaching out... ... (1098 replies)
... I have recently experienced the worse manic siege from my spouse, and this cycle of mania lasted 7 very, very long, torturous, hellish months. I was served with divorce papers, as many of us spouses of unmedicated Bper's are, he cheated and acted out much worse and for a longer time this go. ... (1098 replies)

... My wife is was diagnosed as bipolar I last May. We were married 4 years ago and I have gone through her rages, physical and emotional abuse, suicide attempts, manipulation, and, worst of all, infidelity. ... (13 replies)
... yrs old. then after my marriage and divorce when I started working again which was back in 1998, I"ve since had 13 jobs. ... (37 replies)
... oh amy thanks so much- i'am holding all of you close as i walk in there- having my crying and emotional spells now- and i just want this all to be over and then walk away cause i can't stop it-- i just can't beleive iam going through this- it's sad when 2 people love each other to go through a divorce my lawyer said yesterday- he doesn';t act like a man whom really wants a... (1098 replies)
... I'm getting a little concerned for you at this point, DeeDee, because it sounds like you are literally unraveling and having an emotional breakdown. ... (1098 replies)
... i don't think he knows the emotional state i'am in because i refuse to show it... i don't do the calling he does, he calls to see how i'am doing and how's my day going etc. ... (1098 replies)
... I completly feel for you as your situation seems very close to mine. These ups and downs turn us non BP's into emotional wrecks ourselves and at some point you have to say enough is enough and get out before you are destroyed yourself. ... (24 replies)
... hey bear it's so good to hear from you, yes i'am an emotional wreck right now!!! ... (1098 replies)
... :wave: Hi WackyWayne, I'm BP 11 rapid cycling diagnosed 7 yrs medicated for first 6 on Depakote (Valproic) 750 - 1000mg per day. In Mar 2006 after a high stress job as an MD in a software company, husband racking up 160k debt, girlfriend suggesting hubby was inappropriate, my drinking started to massively increase, again. As did my staying out late, cocaine intake etc etc.... (5 replies)
... hands down. I guess I'm at a point where I went through so much emotional abuse I'm truly amazed I made it 8 years. ... (12 replies)
... My mother has stayed with my father the entire time although she has contemplated divorce many times. She and my younger sister began to get worried about me when the manic episodes appeared but I was in denial. ... (6 replies)
... ssues in your marriage, and that's really hard when you already have your own issues that are difficult. I really hope something will happen to help you get the emotional support you need. ... (4 replies)
... the different emotional stages they have. Its like looking in a mirror, its nice to know other people are going through the same things I am. I never did tell my best friend... ... (13 replies)
... what you feel will be in your overall best interest. I think that you are making a wise choice here....I can already hear the relief in your posts even with the emotional upsetment that I am sure this is causing. Afterall, you and Chris have many years together but that doesn't really compare to all the years that lie ahead..... ... (110 replies)
... David, Hi! Welcome to the boards. I'm fairly new here but am learning a lot and everyone is very supportive. Your story breaks my heart. I have not lived with a BP parent (my dad had ptsd ) but I have lived the last 7 yeras with my brother being bp and it has been awful. I'm sorry that your father never got the help that he needed and that your family has had to live... (7 replies)
... to ask those of you with bi polar, who have children, or those of you who grew up with a bi polar parent. How has this illness affected your childrens lives and emotional growth? ... (7 replies)
... Yeah, it's called EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL. Do what I say, or you will suffer. ... (1098 replies)
... e other day that she see this all the time when he goes so fast and there's so much anger it's scarey because the couple or one of the people don't really want a divorce so they react is spiteful ways? ... (1098 replies)

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