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May 8, 2007
... a day, not good for your liver and you definitely NEED to get your liver panel, I mean a FULL liver panel done by a doctor to see if there is liver damage and how much. First were they vicodins OR vicoprofin? ... (36 replies)
... When we had to make a choice between atypical antipsychotics the choices we got from our daughter's pdoc were Risperdal, Geodon or Seroquel. Another is Zyprexa but I have heard that there is weight gain attributed to that as well. ... (2 replies)
... I know how you feel. Sometimes it's overwhelming knowing you'll have to be on meds all your life to maintain a balance, but at least you know you have help and support. I have the skin and hair picking issue too, and my pdoc never addressed it. It's so bad that I have sores sometimes from repicking scabs. ... (16 replies)

... I am currently taking Pristiq and Lamictal. In the past I took Abilify for about a week. ... (8 replies)
... He was taking Strattera but it really was just making him more angry and destructive. ... (7 replies)
... e Abilify for a week it would reset the Lamictal to working at 400mg. He also gave me prescriptions for other meds as well if the Abilify didn't work. They are Geodon and Seroquel. Now that I have researched the Abilify a little more I am thinking it was the wrong thing since I have not been experiencing any depression. ... (27 replies)
Abilify or geodon
May 24, 2007
... Do you take anything else with it in the morning and also do you take any at night. My son has gained 55 pounds on Abilify and seroquel. ... (8 replies)
... I love seroquel! I now feel something approximating normal! Now if I could just get rid of the migraines and back pain. . . . ... (9 replies)
... mg is not the highest dose of Lamictal since I know people who are on 600mg and 800mg respectively. ... (27 replies)
... rapid cycling bi polar life, I'll give what I can to this topic. I can tend to tell exagerrated stories where parts and bits are true then the other tends to be outrageous. My mom who has studied bi polar since I was about 14, calls me on it. ... (13 replies)
... all of the ssris and ssnris make me rapid cycle and don't help my depression or OCD. ... (5 replies)
... At my lower does of 80mg, sleep never came. I used to take it with xanax so I always had a real odd numbing out of my body feeling anyway. So my doc reduced my geodon dosage and switched be to klonopin from xanax but I continued to cycle a lot. About a month ago I was switched to seroquel and the difference was immediate. ... (14 replies)
Apr 13, 2003
... I was misdiagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder and I was initially on Xanax for a long time. ... (8 replies)
... I happen to take Prozac for my depression and so far it's working like a charm. ... (12 replies)
May 9, 2007
... Well,... actually the Geodon was an alternative suggestion from the doctor. Becuase it doesn't have the sedative qualities. The seroquel was working but becuase of the cholesterol and inability to lose more than 25 lbs. ... (36 replies)
... I was on seroquel 800mg then 600mg for two years and gained no weight. Other people do. About the geodon, One lady was rail thin and was on geodon for 12 years. One other lady was on Geodon for 2 years and gained 35 lbs. So really it is up to your body on how the meds will work. ... (16 replies)
Geodon & Seroquel
Sep 11, 2010
... I take Seroquel XR, 1200mg. It does not make me sleepy at all. The thing about seroquel is the higher dose you take, the less sedation characteristics it has. Also, the longer you take it the more of a tolerance you build for it. ... (3 replies)
... I have been put on Xyprexa for mania and sleep, Ambien, Sonata, Klonopin. I was placed on Seroquel a high dose of 600 mg. when I was recently hospitlized at a psychiatric institution for severe depression. ... (11 replies)
... I am trying to investigate the weight gain on Lamictal, Trileptal and Geodon. Does anyone have information before I see my psychiatrist on June 2nd about if there is any weight gain on the three above. ... (3 replies)
... I have taken both and am currently taking Geodon. I hated seroquel it made me gain a ton of weight and I was tired all of the time. I think it's a terrible drug. ... (1 replies)

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