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... Usually it's the periods of hardly any sleep that I become manic. ... (15 replies)
... When I start to becom manic, my tongue starts buzzing, my whole body feels like I have electricity running through my veins, I suddenly have energy to give to this and that unlike anyone I know. Feels GOOD. . . but kind of frantic. ... (15 replies)
... i noticed it today as i am at this time manic and realised this starts at the start. ... (15 replies)

... my mania comes on at any given time with no warning, i will be doing something for awhile then all of the sudden i realize how well i am doing it, and so creative about doing it, then i realize that itS MANIA TIME! ... (15 replies)
... I usually have my manic episodes a few hours after that of a depression episode. Often my speech races, sometimes I can't think of something to say so I make words up just to get them out. ... (15 replies)
... appening. I have been having panic attacks because I am so worried. I keep thinking that when the sensation flows through my body that's its the beginning of a manic attack. ... (15 replies)
... Hi, I wouldn't describe it as being normal one day and waking up manic-things usually build up (usually rapidly) over a few days...and about 'transforming into someone else'-again that isn't really something I can relate to (or how, at the very least, I'd describe becoming manic), but then again everyone's different...and am I aware of it?? HELL YES!!! But because it feels... (15 replies)
... I'm type I Bipolar and never had much warning. Mostly I'd get really ticked off that "no one ever agrees with me", and then I'd start to see connections (cosmic/spiritual/all of the above). The classic manic symptoms (rapid speech, no sleep, spending, go-go-go-do-do-do, etc.) came farther on - and by then I knew that I was "just fine" and that it was everyone else who had... (15 replies)
... I, unlike alot of people do not spend money, I begin to hoard it. Then I start cleaning. Nothing is safe. ... (15 replies)
... OK there was a bad omen, I was in the middle of writing and the power went out. Oh well. To repeat myself. About dreams. I wonder if it is only us BP'ers that dream vividly in color. I had very vivid colorful dreams. ... (15 replies)
... so the fact that I'm on 2 mood stabilizers is protecting me enough from experiencing manic episodes. ... (4 replies)
... As I've alluded to in another post, one of the first things I notice is that all my senses become much more heightened. There are other things that happen...sleep disruptions, becoming more and more involved in lots and lots of different things, and others... ... (15 replies)
... so was taken down to 50. ... (4 replies)
... Yes, having bipolar can be a very lonely experience. However, I hope you'll come here and post to the boards so that we can support you. ... (4 replies)
... There is no telling when its about to creep up on you at least in my case :p. I can compare it to closing your eyes and setting a timer and then wondering when it might start sounding the alarm, lol :). You just never know!! (15 replies)
... Rosita...Just because he has an illness is no excuse for him to continue acting in an aggressive manner. ... (11 replies)
... I want to do this NOW. I'm full of energy, nothing's going to stop me!! ... (15 replies)
... im new here and just wanted to tell my story about living with my mum who suffers from bipolar disorder. My mum was first disagnosed with Bipolar when my older sister whos now 24 was born. ... (9 replies)
... Hey, LLC15! Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, but I was on "fall break" here at college and didn't have time to get on the computer. I hope you don't think I was ignoring you! ... (25 replies)
Hard to Understand
May 15, 2004
... I can understand most people do not want to be the one that confronts someone about a concern they have about them, however, unless you want to continue to live as you are, you must be able to gather your strength and courage to approach her. ... (17 replies)

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