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... I want so badly to work things out with him! I do love him dearly. I cant say why I did what I did. I guess what the grass is always greener on the other side? ... (32 replies)
... self confidence this may or may not be related to what has gone on in this relationship. You are not like a child, nor are all men, IMHO. She cheated on you, for whatever reason...betrayal hurts. ... (32 replies)
... Hi pamelareichert, I am on the other side. what you did mirrors what my wife did also, though It looks like my wife was at it a little longer. I compleatly understand how your husband feels now, as I acted pretty much the same as your husband is. ... (32 replies)

My gf
Mar 17, 2009
... My brain is starting to shut down, so please forgive me if I lapse a little. I don't want to offend at all, only to encourage and be helpful. And I'm not trying to be bitter, either, sigh. ... (11 replies)
... an I do remember last summer I was running around like crazy and it did feel right when I was with him! As I said before though when I came off of it I realized how wrong I was! ... (32 replies)
... I guess you have to decide how much of his insecurities you are willing to deal with. He has been damaged by your actions and that is shown with his insecure behavior. ... (32 replies)
... I have asked him to forgive me. ... (32 replies)
... so write and let me know if i imagined it Ha! Ha! ... (345 replies)
... This also happened almost a year ago! I am sure he is still pissed. Along with pissed I hurt more than unbelievable. He later shared with me that he has never had a girl be faithful to just him. I as his wife should have been. ... (32 replies)
... Pam I did something similar, long story short we are very happy today. It has been 4 years and I had BP for 7 of them. But you need to have a heart to heart with hubby. BP or not, things do happen and people do make mistakes sometimes. ... (32 replies)
... I put my husband threw hell and back. for starters I went to cali to visit my dad for a month. I was out with my cousin clubbing for basically the whole time! wait let me back up...before I left I had smoked pot and he threw what I had away... ... (32 replies)
... That is something you really need to talk to a therapist about. You said you want feedback from your therapist...but maybe they don't know that. ... (4 replies)
... I hear ya on that one and I thank you for being a postiive signal within this foggy head on things, I am really trying to hold on for a couple of reasons, I will not justify what he does as there isn't any justification, but I will tell you why I am here with him. ... (110 replies)
... Just writing what you have here, shows how much you do care and how desperate you are to keep your marriage alive. What you have been going through is enough to make you bp too!! ... (5 replies)
... ant them around, she worked full time and was just to tired, it hurt me for a long time unitl I realized that she was tired from working all day and did not want my unruly kids around, and they were just like yours, kids, fighting with each other and not minding me or her. ... (345 replies)
... I am so sorry that I have not been able to post to you, you have been on my mind constantly and I have been praying for you. I have been reading your posts trying to get caught up. ... (345 replies)
... I am trying to hard to answer his questions I just dont know how to word it so I dont hurt him anymore! I dont want to hurt him anymore! I told him the other day that he could answer my phone every time it rings I dont care. ... (32 replies)
... I am sorry my post started to make you shake! If reading this upset you I am so sorry. to answer you question. Last summer we started talking and then we couldnt get enough of eachother I guess.. We talked all the time! ... (32 replies)
... So, I am basically new to this whole bipolar idea. I was diagnosed in November. It was the first time anyone ever told me that it wasn't just depression, and that I probably can't just change my life and thoughts to make myself better. ... (8 replies)
... I do the same thing unfortunately. I don't yell at the kids, infact I am probably a little to soft with them because I feel that the are the ones that are getting hurt the most out of all this. I want them to be happy. ... (32 replies)

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