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... This kind of thing happens from time to time and it's not you being ignorant or anything like that you just wasn't to be left alone . ... (6 replies)
... Thank you for posting, and adding your perspective on these issues. You sound like a wonderful person just the way you are, and your Dad is lucky to have you as a daughter. As for whether you should be in contact with him, firstly you need to protect yourself. ... (188 replies)
... I know exactly how you feel. ... (32 replies)

... When it first happen I just wanted to block out everything and just stop thinking about my dad, because I guess it hurt to much to think of the situation. After awhile I did go to therapy for a couple of months. ... (188 replies)
... you have your plate full right now. you will find alot of info. and support here. i will be here to listen as well as so many great people on this board. and yes they do lash oput at people that are closer to them or they love? ... (188 replies)
... Well for now and the next 2 years and some 9 months from now I don't think I'll have to worry about Travis missing his doses. You see, Travis is right now serving time in state prison. ... (4 replies)
Cold Meds and BP
Apr 1, 2009
... I am so sorry to do this to you but I am just so tired of living in this half life where it feels like every moment is like wading through the thickest of mud. ... (301 replies)
... hey suddenly. thanks ans you're right i'am sop tired of the wondering and the up and down i just don't know what to do anymore.. i need to stop thnking of this. ... (1098 replies)
... Dee, my dear, you have to calm down. You have gotten some of the things taken care of haven't you? ... (1098 replies)
Nov 29, 2006
... I am sorry you didn't get much response last time you posted...sometimes the weekends run slow and then when it gets super busy some posts sink to the bottom. daughter also cut and I gathered an understanding of it. ... (3 replies)
... he school brought in a psychologist and was told the child was picking up on the teachers vibes and feeling towards him so he was rebelling. The school was told to clean up their act. Could be a factor to consider. ... (1 replies)
... Second, there is no doubt that you got a bad hand when God handed out relatives. Family is supposed to be loving and nurturing and help you learn to value yourself. Yours fell a bit short. This makes your job a lot harder and definitely explains why you have an uphill battle. ... (345 replies)
... years old. They have kids the same age and older and have seen it all. The woman is a nurse and husband a probation officer and have been of tremendous support to us. But still, they don't know how scarey this all is for us and when I try to share it I just feel that they don't get it. ... (33 replies)
... I hope I didn't sound like I was minimizing your experiences with bipolar. I sincerely do believe that I am able to cope with my condition better than some. ... (9 replies)
... rse vere i actucally would rather be dead then feeling what i'am feeling now. well i dealt with the utilities after several arguments from my husband which lead to the coldest most eivil things being said. ... (1098 replies)
... patient my parents and friends are with me, they'll never truly understand how difficult it is to live with these illnesses. ... (48 replies)
... I don't know if this is something that everyone does, or if it may be something to do with my bipolar. I have a problem with having conversations with people in my head. ... (35 replies)
... I still dont want to be around her... ... (11 replies)
... and me to pay lawyers fees? ... (1098 replies)
... The post I am talking about is this one, ' Stop believing in yourself ' ! ... (8 replies)

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