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I Did It!!!
Apr 27, 2009
... to become extremely irritable due to situational events. He also said agitation can come out of the blue without warning. ... (29 replies)
... Jenay, I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better. I feel better today than I have all week. Your sentiments are very sweet hoping we all feel better. I second that thought. It seems that we are all having a tough time right now, but the support I find here truly helps. I know what you mean about wanting to scream when things don't get done your way. I had to bite my lip... (36 replies)
... I have no idea what it means for you, but I would advise your pdoc just to make sure your mania doesn't become severe. ... (37 replies)

... Sometimes I just don't know. It seems like relationships may trigger my mania some of the time. At the beginning of the weekend I was just euphoric, but by the end, I was starting to become irritable. ... (6 replies)
... HeyKara, If you read the stickies at the top of this board and follow the recommended links, I think you will find a good definition of hypomania.] As far as I know, it's an elevated mood, sometimes a cheerful, creative space, 9ften an irritable, angry place. But hypomania is not full mania, where psychosis can occur and people just go into uncontrollable behaviours... (4 replies)
... Please note that these symptoms can occur singly or in any combination. For instance a manic individual can be irritable with racing speech and thoughts but not experiencing psychosis. ... (10 replies)
... was feeling very irritable and like I was useless. I know this might be just a bad mood, but it seems more intense. ... (30 replies)
... w this came up but some other lady asked her something and then the "bipolar" girl described her "bipolar" symptoms. She said that when her kids acted up she got irritable with them and felt that way. She said sometimes she felt down. Now, come on. This is totally circumstantial and the other lady in the room felt so too. ... (30 replies)
... lb07maricopa ~ ADD and Bipolar share so many of the same characteristics, in fact, often the two disorders are misdiagnosed as the other (more often BP as ADD). And the two disorders do involve the same areas of the brain which are those that are in charge of thought processes, moods, judgement, emotions etc. BP, however, often involves fluctuations in the two poles of... (7 replies)
... happiness, I had extremely pressured speech and when people didn't understand what I was trying to convey during my racing thoughts, I got irritable and impatient. ... (102 replies)
... le of Advil and aspirin as a second suicide attempt. Little did I know that she was misdiagnosed and had Bipolar and that taking an antidepressant would trigger mania without a mood stabilizer in place. ... (2 replies)
... n my last post I stated I was on seroquel for 2 this is my 3 week. I am feeling alot better so far but on wensday I felt like I was going mad.Everything was very irritable well put it this way if I could have spun my head around I would have,racing around didn't tell anybody bye before work and mild depressed state. ... (5 replies)
... Which med will bring an end to mania quickest? ... (13 replies)
ADHD and Bipolar
Sep 17, 2007
... oc feels he may have ADHD and started him on strattera. This was his recommendation because the staterra is not a stimulant so it would be less likely to induce mania or depression. He is starting it at a low dose. So far Drew does not notice any difference. ... (29 replies)
... Hello, BPAspergerMom! Often what you will find with an Asperger's child is that, before the Asperger's diagnosis, they will either be given a myriad of misdiagnoses to try and explain all of the symptoms that Asperger's brings or they will be given one or more correct diagnoses of comorbid psychiatric disorders (a disorder that occurs with another disorder) but these correct... (5 replies)
... Also Lamictal and Seroquel are known to be great meds that address more of the depressive side of the disorder so if you tend to exhibit more depression than mania that may be a good combo for you as well. ... (6 replies)
... to help him through with a little bit more of his meds. I know with Erin our pdoc said that we can increase her Seroquel during times that she has breakthrough mania such as during her monthly cycle. ... (24 replies)
... Wait a sec -- do they both have bipolar disorder?? If so, perhaps her husband doesn't know much about it either. I can't imagine having such a serious problem and not learning everything there is to know about it, but that's just me. Did they come to the church specifically because she was upset and they knew you'd be there? I think you did a fine job of comforting her... (10 replies)
... I had the flip into mania and getting RAGE at anyone too so your not alone! tell this to the doc. and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers too, so let us know how it goes. ... (11 replies)
... thanks marsh... well the drinking is gonna catch up w/ him like i said i beleive god is working cause each week he's been giving him a wake up call... drugs- not yet anyways.. he's totally against that and he'll loose 25 years of his careers cause whe's a masterchief w/ the seal teams so he gets tested all of them do 5 times a week almost. especially the command he works at...... (1098 replies)

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