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Mar 28, 2006
... I too am bipolar and I also have generalized anxiety and OCD. ... (6 replies)
... Although I oftentimes hear people with bipolar say they wish they "only" had unipolar depression, I don't feel the same way. Since my bipolar lies more on the manic side, I'm glad to have periods where I feel really, really good, I'm creative, productive and can tackle 10 things at once. ... (5 replies)
... and it's definitely one of the more go go go jobs I had. You must stay on the manic side! And your meds must not be sedating!! Anyway, I try not to use the bipolar as an excuse. Back when I had to drop out of college or take a leave or whatever I literally could not function. ... (9 replies)

... i know im on the bipolar board here, but im searching everything here. ... (8 replies)
Lonely At Work
Aug 31, 2006
... Hi am not working now but have had many jobs and a "career". I do know the lonely feeling at work. I could be working with countless others during the day and still feel isolated and alone. ... (2 replies)
... fter after my first child was born I quit. I couldn't handle the double duty of a child and work. That sounded sensible enough... Then I went through a series of jobs and moves and interviews and rejected job offers that left me feeling and others thinking that I would never be happy with any job. ... (29 replies)
... or bipolar people are violent. I'm not violent, I wouldn't hurt a fly. News reports often tend to be sensational. So just remember there are 1,000s more bipolar people in the world who are not violent, who have jobs, families to support, spouses, friendships, who have full functioning lives. ... (3 replies)
... If you are bipolar dont want to only be on an anti depressant... ... (15 replies)
Hey everybody!
Feb 28, 2007
... You Know When I Started On This Board, I Thought It Would Be For My Son Who Is Bipolar And Doing Ok Today. But Now There Is A Possibility My Daughter Is Bipolar, She Was Diagnosed Adhd Around 5years Old. We Didnt Try Meds Till 4th Grade. ... (542 replies)
... I know bipolar is NOT multiple personality disorder. I use the following terms loosely. ... (28 replies)
... If there are millions of us who are bipolar has anyone stopped to think maybe we are normal just in the way we are? ... (6 replies)
... Hi Pat (17 replies)
... hi pat, welcome, welcome to the boards. i see by your later post that your pdoc is v. good and understandint. my pdoc puts me on low dose of antid to boost lamictal and seroquel etc rather than them boosting the mood stabilisers. you sound like you have been through one hell of a tough ride. am v. glad you have your daughter and wife in your life. it really helps to have... (17 replies)
... My basic question is whether I should quizz my pDoc more about possible bipolar in my symptoms. ... (17 replies)
... I am taking a great medication that's a drug used for epilepsy. they found out it works for people with bipolar illness too. ... (3 replies)
... is bipolar as well, and she has had terrible child abuse when younger and after reading her diary well, it definatly looks like she is bipolar, she was diagnosed bipolar mania, and she has not tried to seek help since. ... (194 replies)
... Hi Shorey70, I Am Mslainie And My Now 16 Yr Old Son Is Bipolar. My Ex Is Also But He Is Untreated And Hasnt Been Around For Over 9years. But Anyway When I Left My Ex My Son Was 7 & His Sister 4. So Mikey I Put In Counciling At 7 1/2 Only To Help With Divorce Ect.. But When His Bipolar Symptoms Started To Happen At 13 1/2, I Had No Clue, I Thought He Was Going Thru A Stage And... (6 replies)
Bad parenting?
Mar 22, 2007
... My own upbringing on one hand was good at times while others were terrorfying. My father had Bipolar and went unmedicated. He managed to do well for himself working three jobs and going to school full time. ... (26 replies)
Jun 19, 2004
... If you are Type II Bipolar you'll never have full mania!! So let's hope for that, ok? ... (5 replies)
... I am a mother and have struggled with Bipolar disorder since my late teens. ... (2 replies)

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