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... Okay, thanks! So far, 2 votes for lamactil and one for lithium. ... (31 replies)
... The bad rash thing scares me although I guess the risk of developing it is pretty small. Lamactil isn't too sedating then? ... (31 replies)
... I think I am just going to go ahead and to the Lamactil and just suck up the cost! ... (6 replies)

... Hello everyone, I have been diagnosed with BP II about a year ago and although things started to become clearer and my mind drifted back into reality somewhat, I am beginning to notice that I feel depressed almost all the time. My swings go from somewhat depressed to majorly depressed. And lately the majorly depressed is ruling my life. I own my own business and this is really... (7 replies)
... I could be a poster child for abilify. I am a rapid cycle, and haven't had a serious episode in over two years since I started abilify, knock on wood. My cycles are very mild to non exisitent, and haven't missed a day of work due to bp. I had tried every mood stabilizer on the market for 23 years before abilify, and this drug works wonders for me. However, this is how it... (8 replies)
... He takes it twice a day. A 15mg in the morning and a 15mg in the evening. He also takes Adderall and Lamactil. (24 replies)
... I also think Lamactil might be good everyone says good stuff. And maybe seroquel if I still need one more. ... (16 replies)
Pulling hair out!!
Apr 28, 2007
... That's great! Sounds like he may get the IEP at the end of the school year, and geared for next year. Not sure what the 'laws' are in your state, but many states prevent children from being held back more than one time in the same school level (i.e. elementary, junior high, etc). So if he got held back in 5th grade, laws may prevent him from being held back in 6th as well. ... (24 replies)
... Goody, glad to hear your daughter is doing better! :p The doc I have isn't really interested in any newer (by that she must mean newer than ten years, jeez!) medication to put me on so If I have to sit it out and force it I totally will, I am already doing it. And lithium made me sick my stomach always felt weird for some reason. I hated it and I never felt like it worked.... (10 replies)
Pulling hair out!!
Apr 25, 2007
... Jan he started exhibiting violent behavior, which turned out to be a symptom of Bipolar. That is when his doc put him on Lamactil as well. ... (24 replies)
... I have been told by a lot here that lamactil is great for them so that is on the top of my list to suggest to the docs. ... (11 replies)
... so you think lamactil is best? ... (11 replies)
Lamactil and child
Mar 20, 2007
... I started on Lamictal at 15 and it's a wonder drug for me. Takes a while (usually) to get to a therapeutic dose, but with a seven-year-old, it might be faster because his therapeutic dose is probably smaller than that of a teenager...Just my two cents. Paige (7 replies)
Lamactil and child
Mar 19, 2007
... So far so good! I will keep my fingers crossed. (7 replies)
Lamactil and child
Mar 17, 2007
... Hi Strssd Mom. I hope the Lamictal works well for you son. It has been a miracle drug for mine. If he doesn't stabilize after you get to the target dosage you might want to try cutting out the Adderall. We keep our son on ******** for quite a while because it really did help the adhd symptoms. However, it really exasperated the bipolar symptoms. It wasn't until we stopped... (7 replies)
Lamactil and child
Mar 17, 2007
... He just started it today. He is also taking Adderall for his ADHD and Abilify for the bipolar. Even on his first night I saw a little improvement from the Lamactal. We'll see how it goes. (7 replies)
Lamactil and child
Mar 17, 2007
... Hi Strssd Mom. My 9 year old son is on Lamictal. He has been on it a year. It has been a wonderful drug for him. It has really keep him stable. It has worked even better since we remove the stimulant he was on. I am definately a fan of Lamicatal. How long has your son been on it? Has it helped? Is he on any other meds? (7 replies)
Lamactil and child
Mar 17, 2007
... Hello again, Both 5boys and BetsyAnn have boys on Lamictal, boys who are 9 and 11. They are doing well on it. Hopefully they'll see this thread and tell you their experiences. :wave: Tsohl (7 replies)
... Does anyone have advice on how to cope or handle life with a bipolar/ADHD child? How do you deal with others not understanding and blaming the child for something he cannot control? How do you deal with the constant behavioral issues without losing it yourself? I am finding myself beyond stressed and wishing I never had children. My son is almost 8 and got diagnosed with... (16 replies)
Lamactil and child
Mar 16, 2007
... Has anyone here experienced using Lamictal on a child younger than 16? My son is 7 and got diagnosed with Pediatric bipolar disorder with ADHD a year ago. He has become violent and behavior out of control. The doc prescribed lamictal (after concent) and I am curious if anyone else has a child this young on it. i have read all the information on it and am aware of side... (7 replies)

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