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Apr 15, 2004
... linda: According to the book Surviving Manic Depression, for Lamictal, "Headache, dizziness, incoordination, insomnia, and sleepiness may occur earlier in treatment and are usually mild" (p.157). For Neurontin, it says "It may cause blurred vision, dizziness, clumsiness, and sedation, but these are usually transient or improved by a reduction in dose" (p.159). The... (2 replies)
... I've been on a combination of Seroquel,Lamictal,and Wellbutrin. I take 200mg of Lamictal (which is rather high)along with Seroquel before bed. It does make me very tired-but other than that-it's ok. In the beginning however, it did make me sick to my stomach and some headaches-but that disapeared after a couple of weeks. I had to switch to Lamictal from Depakote because I had... (8 replies)
... Grant, Thanks for replying and explaining the various factors involved. It seems like there's alot of similarity-- Dx/Rx/effects. But you've obviously alot more experience than I and there's apparently differences, too, as you and others know and have remarked about. It seems to me kind of like doing a jigsaw puzzle where some pieces can morph along the way: you know... (8 replies)

... jjw: For reference in this post, here's my basic info to possibly help you with medication ratios and to give you a general idea of what has worked for me. I weigh 215 lbs and metabolize meds at a slightly above average rate. I am on 300mg Wellbutrin XL and 200mg Lamictal both of which I load in the morning. I also take 20 mg Adderol in the morning, 20 mg Adderol in... (8 replies)
... Your experience just shows how different everyone's reaction to meds is. I had no side effects from neurontin, and got every single one, including the rash, from lamictal. Everyone's chemistry really is unique. Angie (8 replies)
... I took Neurontin for about a month and had to discontinue it because of multiple side-effects ("as advertised": drowsiness, aphasia, headaches and sore joints, even some tics)-- definitely wanted OFF of that! I'm ADD and my pdoc wanted to establish an anti-seizure med prior to a stimulant for the ADD, so put me on Lamictal 25 mg 2xda. It is more "gentle" as Grant said but... (8 replies)
... I didn't exactly follow the standard pattern. 1) i got the rash a little later in the treatmet regimen than most do. Most people get it in the 1st few weeks. 2) I itched for 2 days before the rash even showed up. When it did show up, first, I just looked kind of splotchy, and we thought it might be dry skin, so I started using more Aveeno lotion (afterall it was... (1 replies)
... I've been on Lamictal for a year-and-a-half now, and have never had any problems with it. As angie said, the most common side effect is rash, which in some cases can be very dangerous. As far as nausea, the information I have says that it happens to some people, but "is usually mild and limited to the early phase of treatment." I'm guessing, given JGREGG's experience, that... (8 replies)
... When did you first notice the rash? What does it look like? (1 replies)
... I felt a little sick from the beginning. That may go away, but it can take a while.. What I would watch for is the rash. The rash can be more than bothersome, it can be serious, if you get it call your doc immediately (I got that, and had to be taken off). Angie (8 replies)
... i have bi-polar and i have been through many tough events. i am only 16. i treat one of the only friends i have really badly sometimes, and i fear i will lose her because of my bad attitude. i was diagnosed when i was 14 and they have changed my meds trying to find the right combination. i was on 150mg wellbutrin SR and 100 topomax. I am now decreasing the wellbutrin and... (5 replies)
Oct 26, 2003
... Hey juju.. sorry for the late reply.. I'm finally feeling "somewhat" organized enough in the head to reply to your comment... I totally understand your case and thought it was kind of rude of that gal to ... ridicule you regarding self diagnosis.. heh. Anyhow... doctors seem to have the same reaction to my case as they do yours... what is it i truly have??? bpdisorder? ADD?... (1 replies)
Oct 17, 2003
... I've been on Lithium and Lamactil for a little over a year now. ... (7 replies)
... Been on Zoloft, Effexor, Paxil and now Lamactil. But today, like most days, i can't understand life, i can't understand how other people get through every day, or how they complete tasks. I had my first psychotic break 2 years ago and have felt like sh-t ever since. Can't get along w/ people, such a negative view on life. Been going to DBT training, cognitive therapy and see a... (2 replies)
... maybe depakote will work if the ssri isnt in the mix, my coctail is: 1000mg depakote,100-200 seroquel and klonopin as needed,1-3mg /day or none at all. Some people get relief using topamax or the newer drug lamactil. Zoloft was how I was diagnosed. the ssri made me manic after a few months of it working(almost too well, I was hypomanic ,wayyy too high on that stuff) until I... (5 replies)

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