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... I have been taking lamictal 100mg for 4 years. I was prescribed it as a mood stabilizer. I stopped taking it 3 weeks ago, but began to take it again at the full dosage a 2 weeks ago. ... (2 replies)
... Has anyone who is taking Lamictal encountered slight memory loss or confusion? ... (6 replies)
... glad that worry is removed from your shoulders! also hope reduction in lamictal doesn't throw you out. maybe pdoc could add in something to boost it? ... (39 replies)

... Has anyone else used Lamictal for treatment? ... (3 replies)
... seaturtle, how are you doing? did tell pdoc this morning about cutting but haven't heard back from him yet! like a small child am almost afraid of what he'll say even though i know that he'll be kind about it (i hope!). increased lamictal to 325 today and abilify to three times/day yesterday which did help but not at three o clock in the morning. a cure all pill would be... (39 replies)
... NO i don't split the dose of lamictal but effect improved when i added abilify. ... (39 replies)
... I am having tremor, dropping things, some incoordination, ataxia. She said Lamictal probably is the culprit, so I'm going to try reducing it. I hope I can, because without Lamictal, well, I don't function well. ... (39 replies)
... I have been on Lamictal for a few years. ... (7 replies)
... Hi everyone. New here. Just started on lamictal and having terrible nightmares. Paranoia, headaches dizziness, confusion among other things. I am on 50 mg and on week 4 of my starter pack. besides all side effects my mood is much better. ... (6 replies)
... I take Lamictal and Lexapro, and do have moments where I can't find the words I want to say. ... (6 replies)
... It is probably a combination of Abilify and Lamictal. I take these two meds and I understand how you feel. It's this blah "brain dead" feeling. It only happens to me in certain situations, like when I'm hanging out with my friends or something. When I'm at home or something in less stressful situations it doesn't really happen. (6 replies)
... I don't have a problem with memory loss, but I have a photographic memory and it may have gone down a few notches. What I do have a big problem with is saying the wrong words, or having the word on the tip of my tongue, but not being able to say it. Alot of that is from the Topamax, but it did get worse with the Lamictal, I haven't noticed any change from the Abilify though.... (39 replies)
... eak things. also have to keep checking what i'm typing as i make mistakes that i never did before! and yes i keep forgetting words for things. think it is either lamictal or abilify but not sure. will have to research on internet on side effects. ... (39 replies)
... Hi, kat, No, not the brain zaps. Withdrawal from Paxil, OMG, I remember those so well. I no longer have much tremor or ataxia or brain blip since the tiny reduction in Lamictal. I do have a jerking of my hands sometimes when I go to pick something up, and I drop a lot of things unless I make myself aware of my hands and grip things hard. How are you doing, friend? ... (39 replies)
... of meds for last four years from doc so that we dont try ones that haven't worked for me in the past. i do think the abilify makes me clumsy though or maybe the lamictal as well as sometimes my balance isn't the best! my daughter thinks it is hilarious! ... (39 replies)
... Irish & Seaturtle, 200 is the FDA approved limit for Lamictal. But pdocs go up to 400mg for a therapeutic dose. kat (39 replies)
... HI, irishwriter, Huh, you just taught me something. I wondered why I feel so crummy in the evening and morning before I take my meds. Do you split the dosage of Lamictal? I will ask my pdoc about doing that. I only dropped 25 mg, so we will see. But after only 2 days of doing that, a lot of the symptoms I wrote about have vanished. Strange that such a tiny increase... (39 replies)
... Seaturtle, Yes BP fogs are quite normal. What meds are you on, I can't remember. I'm on Lamictal, Cymbalta, Abilify, Buspar, and Topomax....and several of these cause my brain for. My former assistant used to have to always figure out what I was trying to say bacause even though it was in my head I couldn't get it out my mouth. I'd look for the car keys forever and... (39 replies)
... The person barely did anything wrong. After all the confusion and finally getting my cell fixed just today I found texts from the person from that night wanting to know what was wrong with me and where I disappeared to. ... (6 replies)
Aug 28, 2007
... times a day for a month. Then cut back to 100mg daily. I personally find that my personal best dosage is 200mg. daily, for most of my meds cause some sort of confusion or short term memory loss.... ... (8 replies)

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