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... According to what you said, what you're suggesting could be the worst thing you could do and it will make the situation worse. I know because I am also on both lamictal and abilify. I do feel like I am going through a "dead calm" sometimes but I'm better on them than off them, that's for sure. ... (4 replies)
... and thryroxine. started lamictal about five weeks ago and started lexapro this week and adding in abilify on sat. have never tried either lamictal or abilify so i don't know if they'll work or how long to give them. ... (15 replies)
... I think you should try to wait it out. I love my Lamictal and Abilify! ... (8 replies)

... So about a month ago the new doctor has decided to put me on the starter pack of Lamictal, has kept me on the 500 mg of Depakote for now, and upped the dosage of Abilify to 20 mg a day. He is gradually going to get me off the Depakote because he says this medicine can cause weight gain. ... (1 replies)
Jul 23, 2005
... Hi! I have been taking abilify for a little while now and so far it really seems to be working out for me. I feel more motivated in the day. My Pdoc put me on lamictal too about three months ago and although it was painfully slow increasing the dose it seems to be going really well. ... (10 replies)
... I am on lamictal 200mg and abilify 20mg. It is a great combo for me. I hope it works well for you too. I don't really have any acne problems from the lamictal. I've been on it for over a year. ... (7 replies)
... apparently it's pretty bad, so i'd check into it. not sure why your doc just told you to use hydrocortisone, though, because i'd think he or she should be informed on the issue. ... (7 replies)
... I might ask my doc to try this combo, I see him tomorrow. I am going to ask him to be very aggressive. I am sooo disappointed in my meds and me that I am ready to take almost anything. How long have you been on this dosage? My problem is mainly agitation and anger. Thanks for response (29 replies)
... of cytomel. I can concentrate and I'm not agitated or restless. I have not gained weight on any of this current combination of meds. ... (29 replies)
... mg of Lamictal seems like a whole lot. I thought they only gave doses that high for people who have seizures. So your doc took you off of the Lamictal completely? ... (15 replies)
... My boyfriend was on Lamictal until recently and began to have problems with muscle spasms, often associated with feelings of anxiety or stress. ... (5 replies)
... Thank you everyone for your support and advice. Today was a better day. Drew is edgy but under control. My pdoc had advised us to have Drew take extra abilify whenever he is having a hard time. I have given him extra for a few days on two occasions to get him through my Dad's illness and funeral. ... (24 replies)
... I hear great things about this med, but don't know if the Lamictal or the abilify is causing my downward spiral. ... (11 replies)
... ily have had no side effects, wonder if it was increased with you too fast. both have to be taken really slowly.. did get the odd pain in stomach when started on abilify but nothing unbearable. both seem to be at least giving more energy for a few hours during day for the first time in over a year. ... (5 replies)
... I guess I hate the constant reminder that I have something wrong with me, that I cannot just be me. I know I need meds, I just wish I needed less of them, or that they could invent some that you take once a week or something. They make me very sleepy and I am tired of feeling drugged. And they are very expensive. ... (5 replies)
... which either doesn't work or works so well that my son is groggy the next day. ... (7 replies)
... you slowly reduce the dosage over a period of weeks. Try to work with your medication management doctor if you want to change, add or eliminate meds. It is dangerous to suddenly stop one or decide on your own to up your dosage. ... (4 replies)
... Perrier water either does or did contain lithium. I have some at home. ... (4 replies)
... are these 2 mood stabilizers, or anti-depressants? I have to have a mood stabilizer, not an anti-depressant, it must be because of it being Bi-Polar and not depression, I guess. Thank you Lord Bless (77 replies)
... one of these drugs is causing me to have muscle contractions or spasms.. I'm not sure what to call it. ... (5 replies)

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