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... Tammy, I am glad you can see the situation is not stable at all... Take care of your kids and yourself before this guy... He needs help... (8 replies)
... The previous post Ruth is talking about is mine. Go back and look it up if you have a chance. My bf to is a drug addict and has bipolar. I am a 35 yr old woman with children, and he is a 38 yr old man with children. He abuses all kinds of drugs from pot to coke to pills. He is so abusive I cant take it anymore. Right now in my mind is to get away from him. I have taken... (4 replies)
... Hello everyone, Thank you so much for your input. You can't even imagine the day I had. Well he woke up and was in a bad mood. He told me he hated me and don't want to be around me or my kids anymore. Then he left, he also had a lot of curse words in between. He calls me about a half hour later (of course he went and smoked a joint) so he was feeling better I suppose. ... (8 replies)

... Yup. I would rather be DUMPED than end up harming someone. If someone feels unsafe around me, they should leave, I do not want to EVER HURT ANYONES FEELINGS OR ANYONE PHYICALLY... When I was a teenager (the d student, in lowest end clothes, broke, with no woman or anything going for him) and other kids want to fight... I would stand there and let them beat me... I... (8 replies)
... I don't care whether someone is Bipolar, not Bipolar, had a rough childhood, or a bad day... There is NO excuse for you to be abused by your boyfriend. Verbal, emotional, mental, physical - whichever. NO excuse. Even a Bipolar evens out and knows if they need help/meds to keep from abusing someone. Abusing others is NOT a symptom of Bipolar Disorder! HE isn't going to... (8 replies)
... It sounds like he is UNSTABLE. He needs to go to the doctors and be HONEST about his behaviour and the things he does... Maybe you can go with him and help him through it... But how much can you take?! He needs to WANT TO GET FIXED and then get SERIOUS ABOUT DOING IT... Sometimes tough love is the only love... (8 replies)
... He was diagnosed last july. He was on meds about 5 years ago. I am not sure what they were. I am with him for a year and five months now and right from the start he told me there was a side of him that he did not want me to see. His doctor is aware that he smokes pot but not aware that he does coke. He says it isn't a problem (coke) but since we met he has left me every 2... (8 replies)
... I smoke pot, I recommend it to NOBODY. Mind you, I smoke a joint a night... I do not CRAVE to smoke my entire day away. However, mixing drugs is bad. These AD's + Pot can't be a good thing. (look at who's talking here). However, it sounds like your boyfriend has a BIGGER PROBLEM at hand. Why does he require the street drugs? Is his depression so bad that the AD... (8 replies)
... I don't know for sure but I think mixing any drugs and meds is going to have a bad effect on people I am a recovered addict and have had alot of experience with coke especially all drugs strengthen the mood we are already in and I think maybe your boyfriend is battling bi-polar and drug addiction 2 seperate issues which probably play on each other There is no reason on earth... (8 replies)
... Hello all, I have posted in the past about my boyfriend who has bi polar. He has a drug problem with cocaine. Well I got him to stop doing that for now, but, now he is smoking pot all the time. Is it OK to mix pot with his medication, he is on lexiprol. I don't know if smoking pot mixes with the meds. He can be really abusive when he wants to smoke or do coke. Any advise... (8 replies)

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