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... I am crying as I am writing this. She is just the only woman that I have ever been this close to in a relationship, I mean the friendship is just amazing, and I love her so much in every way. I guess what I am trying to find out, is if this sounds like something that is a normal occurance for someone that is bipolar. ... (32 replies)
... Based on the research into Bipolar Disorder, I have a sick feeling that my wife has some version of this disorder. She has a history of this disorder in her family. ... (32 replies)
... be horrible! He will take things out on me that have nothing to do with me. I now just leave and wait until his "peak" anger subsides. I know he loves me and I love him. He does have a huge heart for people, but does not know how to control his anger. ... (32 replies)

... I just wanted to thank everyone for their help so far. Obviously I don't know much about bipolar disorder so I guess the first step is to learn as much as I can about it, and find some way to get her into an honest discussion about her feelings about it. ... (32 replies)
... Hi Colefort, Well it sounds good that she talked about talking meds. That is a good step and a very big one especially since she talked about taking them for life. I agree that does sound like a lousy friend.... i've had plenty of those, some don't undersand while some have alterior motives. I just acually had to ask my bf when he found out I was bipolar. We never... (32 replies)
... If you don't already love her get out NOW!!! If it's to late for that you need to find out every thing you can about this illness.Lots of info and groups on the net. ... (32 replies)
... Hi Colefort, I would say all your girlfriends actions and feelings are a product of the bipolar. I wouldn't worry about them being real until she is normal. Hang in there! There is somewhere you can go for help. You will just have to search. My mother, who is also bipolar, has no insurance and not much money(she can't work and her husband works in constuction.) She gets... (32 replies)
Love with bp
Nov 14, 2009
... to make sence to me. For me its not going to help to stop and do nothing because the thruth is that BP will not go away. IT will not be easy but the way to self love and love for others must be close to us that seeks for it. This can make sence because I did not know my self and is still searching for that person. ... (1 replies)
... and surfs the web alot,so he can better understand me ,stay strong,she loves you,sometimes she just dont know how to show it,she needs all the support and tough love she can get,praying for you both!!! ... (32 replies)
... I know I couldn't provide much info in my initial posts, but I finally just decided to speak with a family member about our situation. My girlfriend was diagnosed as hypomanic bipolar, and takes 200-250mg Zoloft. Just to give anyone responding an idea of the level she is at. Hell, I don't really know what it means except that I guess that she doesn't have the manic highs,... (32 replies)
... Hi. I just wanted to add that the one thing that ALL of the drs, therapists, I have seen re my bipolar diag., have told me that if I do not take some kind of meds, the condition will just worsen. ... (32 replies)
... Beers and Lee, I am sorry but I am a little offended by you two. Not ALL bipolars are like that, some are more mild. We do not ALL have grandoise and exaggerated ideas like that. You should not just abandon someone because they are bipolar. Besides, this guy is trying to help his girlfriend. I don't think having such negative things to say are going to make him feel any... (32 replies)
... Yes, she was diagnosed with bipolar at one point, although I don't know if she really recognizes herself as such. She has been on Depakote? ... (32 replies)
... You sure she's been clinically diagnosed as bipolar? Zoloft is usually not prescribed for that. Usually Seraquel, lithium, geodon are prescribed. hm. She can go to Social Services and get meds for free. Catholic Social Services, or call a state run treatment facility. How old are you both? Sounds like a whole lot of problems to start your life with. (32 replies)
... Lockedaway, How long did it take you to open up to your bf about your feelings? I have been trying to be more forceful with getting information from her, but she just gets quiet and annoyed very quickly. There was a good sign the other night though. A "friend" of hers that actually likes her (as if our relationship needed more bs) told me, in front of her, that I... (32 replies)
... I understand. My wife has bp. It's a long road but love will endure. The crying will stop before you know it. Get yourself involved in her treatment in someway. ... (32 replies)
... Ok...if you have read my other topic, you'll know that my Boyfriend is Bipolar and that I love him madly.! ... (6 replies)
... Yes, your symptoms sound perfectly fit to bipolar disorder. Not only that, but the diagnosis of Bipolar 2 sounds very accurate as well. It sounds like your GP has done his fair share of psych studies. ... (7 replies)
... l my past bfs understand and want to help, but I was a megalomaniac and found so many things wrong with them..when in reality I was just upset and scared that my bipolar would eventually push them away anyways! ... (11 replies)
... hold a great pain inside and it eats at me constantly, some days more than others, but I shall never get over it as I know I did it out of the largest amount of love there is in this world..........all because of this disease I have. the BPD n Bipolar. ... (110 replies)

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