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... Hi, I'm pinkee and this is my story. I've been rx as major depressive and Gad. I've never experienced elations, usually have no problem sleeping, never go for days without it. About three months ago my household was chaos. ... (0 replies)
Zoloft and Remeron
Nov 21, 2002
... I have been taking Zoloft and remeron for about 2 months now and It seems that the Zoloft is giving my body a pretty good working over. ow long does it usually take for someone to get used to it and how do you know if it is the right med. to use. ... (1 replies)
Oct 29, 2008
... He's pretty good about taking my suggestions if I've researched the med and it won't cause me harm. I've been researching this all morning and it sounds like a good try for me. I just did a trial on Remeron and I gained 6 lbs. in 7 days!!! ... (4 replies)

... her money and help you find what works best for you. ... (13 replies)
... been depressed all my life, going back to my early teens. Not treated effectively, though, until my 20's. Anyway, I was then diagnosed "bipolar 2" in my 30's, and put on tons of mood stabilizers. Many had horrid side effects, finally today I am on lamictil and abilify. ... (5 replies)
... Okay so things are still good, had have a few anxiety attacks. Saw my pdoc yesterday and instead of switching from Remeron to Cymbalta or Effexor right now he wants to just take 2 weeks off and see how things go with all the changes in homelife and the destress of it all. ... (14 replies)
... Right now my sister is not on any meds or seeing a Dr. Her and her husband divorced about 5 months ago so she no longer has medical insurance and she refuses to get public assistance. ... (8 replies)
... I'm sorry I just jumped right in and immediately started freaking out...the details... ... (16 replies)
... Kat, Since you have med-resistant depression, I'm not at all surprised at the number of med changes you've had. Not that they're fun... (159 replies)
... Here are mine for the past year and a half: Jan. 08 - Seroquel, zoloft and topamax Jan. 08 - add Lamictal Jan. 08 - add Ambien CR Feb. 08 - Try to wean off Zoloft Feb. 08 - Start Wellbutrin March 08 - Stop Zoloft wean (159 replies)
Here I am again...
Oct 18, 2008
... Ummm....well the klonipin worked a lil bit I slept on and off for about 45 minutes at at time, it was kind of wierd. But I did feel a little more rested this moring. ... (14 replies)
... with no mania. They "pooped out" of me after about 7 years and then I had my first episode of hypomania on effexor. ... (17 replies)
... mg depending on what the doctor wants to increase it to and see if it helps. ... (1 replies)
... I am not sure. I think the line of reasoning has to do with the fact that the hypo-manic response to anti-dperessants is generally only exhibited by those who are bipolar. That is porbably circular reasoning though, huh? To add 2 drugs at once (which is an assumtpion) seems like overkill though. I guess the answer to your question would depend on the rest of your symptoms.... (17 replies)
... added Zoloft to the Remeron that I had been taking. ... (17 replies)
... lude Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Elavil, Asendin, Anafranil, Lexapro, Luvox, Tofranil, Marplan, Ludiomil, Remeron, Serzone, Pamelor, Nardil, Vivactil, Parnate, Desyrel and Surmontil. ... (48 replies)
Mar 31, 2009
... it is possible. So far it's happened with coming off of zoloft and starting and stopping Cymbalta. ... (129 replies)
... I go to see a therapist and everything im not on meds now though. First I has some anxiety which I took Celexa for. And i found out recently my grandfather was bipolar, so it runs in the family. Many times throught out the day I snap at my family alot over the littlest things. ... (6 replies)
... I was diagnosed for years as being "depressed" and was on a few different SSRIs. ... (17 replies)
... Hi Liberian and welcome to the board. ... (18 replies)

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