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When taking an antibiotic while on the pill, you're supposed to use a backup method of contraception such as condoms. You're NOT supposed to quit taking your pill. That would never be advisable by any doctor. Stopping a pill dose mid-pack will mess up your next menstrual cycle. Taking the plan B on top of quitting the current pack of pills is going to mess it up even more. There is no telling what kind of side effects you'll get, and how long they will last, because right now your hormones are literally all over the place from doing this. You might miss the next period or the next several. Or you might get a lot of bleeding. Or you might have spotting that lasts for a while. There is no way to know what side effects you will get nor how long they will last.

My suggestion is that you throw away the pill pack that you stopped taking because it's wasted. Wait for your actual period to start your new pack of pills. Not a breakthrough bleed or spotting episode, your actual period. Since there's no telling when it will get back to normal, you need to use condoms until all of this works itself out.

In the future, you should not use plan B while you are already taking the birth control pill. Plan b is not meant for women already on the pill, it is meant for women who are not on the pill or any other method of hormonal birth control. Always use condoms for backup birth control whenever you miss pills or are on antibiotics. Read all of the directions that come with your pills because everything I've written here is written in those directions.

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