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I've posted a message or two on this board before about this problem. (A search can probably be made using my username if anyone needs background info). I have had a problem with breakthrough bleeding for at least 2-3 years now. I have tried numerous brands of pills but none have got rid of this problem. I basically have bleeding for 3 weeks every month! It is a BIG nuisance. I have seen a few doctors and have switched brands under their supervision. My family doctor most recently told me that I would have to go on a higher-dose pill, b/c all of the newer ones I tried are lower-dose. He is very skeptical about putting me on one of these b/c of the side effects. I am also pretty thin so I think this is a big reason he doesn't want to put me on one. I tried the last low-dose one and he said he would put me on the higher dose one, but I just stopped taking the low-dose one. I am now on no pill at all. I really wanted to see if stopping the pill would bring my cycle back to normal. Its been about 4 months now and I still get the bleeding!!! It isn't due to any physical problem, I've had tests done to rule that stuff out. Now, my question is, how long does it take for the pills hormones to leave my system? I'm assuming they are still in my system and causing the bleeding. Has any stopped taking the pill for this reason??

I suppose I should talk to my DR about the side effects of the older higher-dose pills. I can't handle the possiblity of these pills making my acne worse. I already have pretty bad cystic hormonal acne (I'm pretty sure its hormonal). Its annoying cause I can't take the pill to help my skin. My skin was GREAT when I was taking Diane35. But the bleeding started after about 1.5 years of taking it...

I would really love to go on the pill again. I don't trust condoms at all, even though I only have 1 week of 'free' time every month to use them!

Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!


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