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I have a specific question regarding the birth control that I am taking. I am currently taking Alesse 28. During the last month (July till August 5th) that I was taking it, there were two instances where I was inconsistent with my doses. The first time was around the second week where I did not take my pill at the normal time of 7:00 AM, instead I took it at around 5:00-6:00 PM when I got home from work. The second time was during the 3rd week where I completely forgot to take my pill during 1 day, and had to double up the next day as instructed. As you can see, these two instances were not consecutive days. Because it was only the second month that I was on the pills, I started having withdrawal bleeding 2-3 days before my expected period date. This meant also that when I had finished my entire pack of birth control, I did not have withdrawal bleeding for the full 7 days. I only had it for about 3-4 days. During the couple of days that were left in my placebo week (and since I did not have my period), my boyfriend and I were intimate two-three times . I started my new pack of pills on time and on schedule after these events and have been consistent ever since.

I wanted to know if there is anything that I should be worried about in regards to birth control safety for the last month? Was I fully protected during my placebo week when I was intimate, even though I had those two minor inconsistencies in taking my pill. In the end, I ended up taking all of the pills in my pack for that month.

It is currently Aug.29th. I have taken my active pills for the month of August (Aug. 5th-26th) and started the inactive ones on Wed. Aug. 26th.. I still have not gotten my period and it is 4 days late.. I have been feeling some cramps and some usual period symptoms, but I have not gotten it yet. Should I be worried? Should I take a pregnancy test?

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