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I started taking Aviane a month ago without the placebo pills to stop my period for work. I know it takes 3 months for things to get regulated.

Anyway, I got my period this month (and a week late, which had me hopeful it wouldn't come then massively disappointed and stressed when it came at the worst possible time). Usually it's 6 days, quite heavy the first couple of days then starts tapering off on day 4 to moderate flow followed by two very light days. I sometimes get bad cramps the first day, mild the second.

This time, my period started out very light for the first couple of days then from day 3 to 6 was about like my usual day 4. I am now on [U]DAY 7[/U] and it's actually the heaviest flow so far, about like day 2 or 3 of my no-pill period, enough that I bled through my first tampon of the day in a couple of hours when I just assumed it would be light flow. Also, I have had mild cramps EVERY DAY, not all day, but still annoying.

I am wondering how normal this is during the hormone-adjustment phase. My doctor, naturally, is off on Fridays so I could only leave a voicemail for Monday. I was just assuming my period would be over by today, but NOPE, and it's WORSE than the past 6. I haven't had any crazy longer-than-7-day periods since I was 13, and if this goes on longer than today, how normal is that!?

The whole point of these pills without the placebo is to NOT GET MY PERIOD AT ALL, and not being able to anticipate what my flow is going to be like is really stressful.

My insurance covers generic drugs, and I suppose my doctor picked this over an intended-to-stop-your-period drug for the low out-of-pocket cost. So far, other than it making my period lighter those first few days, I am not remotely impressed.

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