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I was wondering if there are any women out there who are overweight and on the pill, take it properly and have not had scares.
I was recently reading in Cosmo that (from one study) a woman that weighed more than 155 lbs is 60% more likely for the pill to fail on her than someone of that weight or less. (the failure rate isn't 60% it said it's just 60% more likely to instead of the typical rate of 3% it would probably be 5% (3%x60% + 3%) ....this is my thinking anyway). I just wanted to know if anyone has talked to their doctors about this, or if anyone has been given this information etc? I would like to know about other overwieght users on the pill.
My doctor never informed me of this, and my primary use of the pill is to prevent pregnancy. I weigh 210lbs and am 5'8. I take my pill (Ortho Tri-cyclen) religiously. Do you think I have reason to worry? I have used the pill for the last 7 cycles and never had a scare, although I usually only saw my boyfriend toward the beginning and endsof my cycles. I am going to see my doctor, but I just wanted input from others. Thanks for any advice in advance!!

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