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Ive been on beyaz for 7 months. Ever since 4 months ago ive been having issues i didnt have before with feeling full after small amount of food and a strange watery feeling and nausea. I am constantly nauseous after any kind of food. Im now underweight due to eating problems. Could this be the pill as i didnt have a big appetite before taking it but i never had what feels like acid reflux. Also my hair is falling out way too much and i have large bruises on legs. Is this a sign to get off the pill? Its ruining my life as i barely can eat anymore. Ive always had appetite issues and felt nausea randomly so i dont know if its the pill. And i just keep losing weight. I constantly feel like i just drank a gallon of water and my stomach sloshes around constantly after just a snack. I cry because i want to be able to eat and feel good after. I cant move i cant walk up to 3 hrs after eating or i will feel like throwing up. Should i get off the pill even though it is helping my bad pd cramping and skin? Please does anyone know anything about beyaz? Oh and i dont want more meds like ppis...i already drink gaviscon like daily but nothing helps. Why take more meds when i didnt have this prob before pill?

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