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I'm scared and idk what's wrong with me. I grew up with other girls my age in high school all on bc. Myself now being 26 decided to do it & I feel it was the worst mistake of my life, literally.

I was literally on Trinessa for 4 days and ortho tri cyclin for 1 before deciding to quit. So a mere 5 days I experienced: insomnia (couldn't fall asleep and when I would try I'd try to drift off only to feel alerted to wake up) Im someone who naturally has no problem sleeping; in fact I probably sleep more than most ppl so it was very hard on me. I had heart palpitations ( on the 3rd day I literally felt my heart jump in my chest), headaches that got worse as the days went on (for some reason it mostly affected the left side). I felt high anxiety while also having an extremely foggy head (I couldn't half way concentrate on anything). I developed this weird muscle ache in my upper back on my right side next to my shoulder blade. I also was not having any vaginal discharge. And I was waking up hot when I did fall asleep. Naturally I stopped without even asking my doctor.

My problem now is that 4 days later I'm having some of the same scary symptoms. The first day after I slept all day, the 2nd day after stopping I got what I assume to be the fake period and I thought everything was going fine since I was slowly feeling like I was getting back to how I regularly am. But here I am 4 days later with that weird back muscle ache some heaviness in my chest and it's 4am and I haven't slept a wink. Quite honestly I'm considering going to the ER but a part of me feels like it could still be the bc leaving my system. Here I thought I'd have the moodiness and nausea everyone complaines about. If anyone has had similar symptoms I'd love to know your experience!

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